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  • In general, the few times someone wants to be the father and finds out they are makes for some truly touching moments. This moment, in particular, is especially heartwarming because of the circumstances.
    • Even more so when a guy learns that the kid isn't his biological child... and resolves to love them anyway.
  • The animal shows with Jack Hanna are always fun, since they give Maury a break from some of the more reprehensible guests and he gets to fill the audience with kids on what is otherwise a very non-family-friendly show.
  • The 2500th episode brought back some of the very first guests, including the first "wild teen sent to boot camp". As it turns out, she straightened up, got married, had two kids and never got pregnant as a teen. Exploitative as the show might be, it really does send a wake-up call to some of the guests. Also, the recipient of the first DNA test done on the show actually did stay in his daughters' lives.
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  • The occasional time when missing people are united with their parents.
  • Any time a not-the-father celebrates after being cleared of being a baby daddy, only to pull a 180 on their behavior and comfort the mom backstage with Maury, no matter how abrasive the mom was to him on stage just moments prior.
  • One episode had an ex-girlfriend accuse a boy of being her baby's father. After storming off from the audience heckling of reasonable explanation. (She was sexually active with several men as soon as they broke up, something her mother who came on with and testified to be a little true as much as she was aware of, even though she too thought the boy was the father.) She's proven wrong, just as the boy claims, and instead of crying or getting angry out of embarrassment, she actually calls the boy back onto the stage and apologizes for embarrassing him in a situation that is mainly her fault, and he calmly accepts it despite how angry he was with her behavior from before, and tells her he hopes she can find the real father of her child.
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  • Another episode had a woman accusing her cousin's boyfriend of cheating on her with her best friend. The test showed the boyfriend was cheating, just not with the best friend. The girlfriend hugged her friend. The same episode had a woman accusing her boyfriend of having been in a porno, and she hugged him when the test revealed that he hadn't.
  • An episode had a woman who had brought her longtime boyfriend to the show in the belief that he was cheating on her again. To wit, they had been together since they were teenagers and had a child together in the years of dating, but he cheated on her several times and they broke up. What eventually brought them back together was him being in a horrific car accident, which left him disfigured and she was the one who nursed him back to health. So after being given a lie detector test and it determined that he hasn't cheated on her since, he proposed to her and even admitted to what a terrible person he was back then and how sorry he was for it, making his words and actions all the more genuine. She accepted.
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  • A new episode from the current season (2017) has an update on a past paternity episode from two-and-a-half years ago involving two teenagers. The girl ended up hiding her pregnancy out of fear from everyone, including her mother (who ended up being supportive of her anyway) and she gave birth to her daughter alone. She then revealed to who she believed to be the father the child's existence, but both he and his mother denied it. After getting the DNA results, it showed that he was the father. Then on the video update sent to Maury, the mother reveals that not only did he step up, but they're now engaged and also had another child together in the years since, a boy. The father also spoke to Maury and thanked him for reuniting him with his family.
  • One episode about stories of survival had a middle-aged woman going on the show and talking about how her abusive ex-boyfriend tried to kill her while she was several months pregnant via a Murder-Suicide fire. She managed to get to the door just before the home blew up, albeit with some burns herself, was saved by two neighbors who heard the explosion and her baby boy was born healthy. Making it even better was that Maury surprised her with her older adult son, an Iraq War veteran who had been deployed for quite some time, coming onto the stage holding his infant half-brother and Maury's compliment during the heartfelt reunion, "Look at you! Aren't you a good man; fighting wars and holding babies?"
  • Another episode had a woman who had talked about overcoming a childhood illness and taking a medication that saved her life, but ruined her teeth and recalling the years of painful bullying in school she endured because of it. She also could not afford to pay to have her teeth fixed due to working to care for her disabled husband, who has MS. Maury then announced that he would pay for her teeth to be fixed as she burst into tears and wept "My prayers have finally been answered." Her next appearance had her proudly showing off her new teeth and thanking the show for their help.

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