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Tear Jerker / Maury

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  • One of the saddest examples from Maury came when a fifteen-year-old teen mom was murdered, and an eighteen-year-old man said he thought he was the father, and even wanted to be. He was brought on with the deceased teen's mother and sisters. It turns out he was not the father. On top of that, the only other candidate to be the baby's father was also dead.
    • Starts at 00:35:50 in the transcript.
  • A married man finds out both of his children aren't his. The reaction says it all.
  • On one episode, a man named Dwayne came for two DNA tests, to find out if his daughter, Savannah, was his, and to find out if his father, Randy, who raised him from birth, was his biological father. Turns out, neither are related to him.
  • Another paternity test had a woman who was trying to find out if her son, who was killed in a traffic accident a few months before her appearance, was the father of a baby boy. He was. The joy the mother had for having a grandchild was definitely worthy of tears. A little while later, she came back to the show again to find out if her son had also fathered a school-aged boy by another woman. Likewise with the infant, he was also the father of the other little boy.
  • A couple of episodes involved finding missing persons and had their families on the show. Some of the people included Georgina DeJesus (who, as the world now knows, has since been found), Joanna Rogers (who was later found murdered and whose death remains unsolved), Molly Datillo and Tabitha Tuders (whose disappearences are still unresolved).
    • Another show involved missing and murdered persons, including a mother whose 22-year-old daughter was murdered in 1996 and has been actively helping in finding her daughter's killer ever since. At one point, one of Maury's production team members portrayed the daughter in a dramatization of her story and the mother even said the resemblance between the woman and her daughter was so strong, she had to look away when the piece was playing.
  • A pastor who had been cheating on his wife with her best friend admits to his wife about the affair. His wife angrily screams at her friend and husband, storms off stage, and walks back on just to inform her husband that she had an affair too. It gets worse when the woman reveals she's not even sure if both of the husband's children are even his, which causes him to faint from the stress. The worst part of all of this is that the husband and his mistress had ended their affair before the show and really wanted to make amends with his wife to continue his marriage.
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  • One episode involving the hidden cameras/crimes caught on tape theme had two men on a rowboat see a small black trash bag float on the river and hear what sounds like a cat crying inside. Using their oar to pull it towards them and then bringing it to shore, one of the men uses a pocket knife to carefully cut it open and instead of finding a cat, they find a live, full-term baby girl inside of it who couldn't have been more than six months old. After the men rescued her, the next image we see is a news report of a nurse holding the baby girl in a hospital. Even though the baby had suffered from hypothermia, Maury notes that the girl ended up being adopted.
  • One episode had possibly the youngest mother to ever appear on the show, a 12-year-old girl trying to find out if a 13-year-old boy was the father of her son. In addition to the boy (understandably) hoping not to be the father, you had the emotional reactions of the two children's mothers. Turns out, he was not the father as the girl then ran backstage and cried as Maury, the mothers and the boy all consoled her. Maury even said it best before reading the results when he said "I don't know what to wish for; I think it's sad no matter what."

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