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Fridge Horror

  • One can only hope the children of the paternity show guests never see the episode(s) featuring their parents, especially in the case of promiscuous mothers. The show is such a Long Runner that, in theory, a child who has been brought on to have her paternity disproven could end up birthing her own child with disputed parentage.
  • Female guests that test numerous men for their children often end up bringing more than one child on the show, some of which test up to 6 of their children. After you analyze the situation, you realize this means that after hearing "you are NOT the father" multiple times for their first child, they have learned absolutely nothing. Additionally, if we assume that the first child that the guest brought on the show was the first child they gave birth to, this means that all of the children that the woman has given birth to have basically grown up on Maury.

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