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  • No Adaptations Allowed: Art Spiegelman has turned down all offers to adapt the graphic novel into a film, viewing it as commercialization of a very personal story he never expected would explode into such popularity. According to him, his wife even joked that his greatest accomplishment has been not adapting it.
  • No Export for You: During its initial publication Spiegelman refused to allow publication of Mause in South Africa in protest of Apartheid. More recently a potential Arabic translation is stuck in Development Hell.
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  • School Study Media: Now a legitimate component of high school and university reading lists.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Tragically in-universe as there's an arc in Volume I of Art trying to procure his mother's diaries from his father only to find Vladek destroyed them. Just imagine how Maus would have been with Anja's diaries.
    • In addition, Art asks his father about the letters of his French friend (a frog) from the camps when they corresponded after the war. Vladek regretfully says he destroyed those too.
    • Art mentioned he turned down offers to have the comic turned into an animated movie— it's even alluded to in the second volume. According to Art, the reason why he's turned down all these offers is because he feels that it would be too difficult to make a film adaptation without commercializing and trivializing the Holocaust.
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    • It was originally going to be one volume, but Spiegelman wanted to get it out ahead of the release of An American Tail, a movie also featuring Jewish mice. Spiegelman has publicly accused the directors Steven Spielberg and Don Bluth of plagiarism, though beyond using cats and mice as a metaphor for antisemitism, the stories share little.


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