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  • The dances some of the fathers featured on the show have performed after being proven not to be the father can get hilariously complex, often involving backflips, cartwheels and other acrobatic feats.
  • A black man accuses his black girlfriend of cheating because the baby is born with blue eyes and light hair. He believes that the real father is the only white friend on her MySpace page...Tom Anderson. The founder of MySpace, who is the first friend in every MySpace account. Maury couldn't stop laughing the entire time, especially since the accuser refused to believe that Anderson was innocent; they also invited Anderson to come on the show (he respectfully declined).
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  • Repeat guest Denetra, especially for her first appearance where she actually brought out surgical gloves to handle some of the items she'd found that convinced her that her then-fiance was cheating.
  • Todd, a man accused of cheating in a 2003 episode, claimed his three separate disappearances were due to him being kidnapped all three times. This excuse was especially notable in that even Maury could not stop laughing at it.

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