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  • Approval of God: Artist Dan Schoening met Dan Aykroyd in 2014. He apparently likes what he's read of the comics.
  • Development Gag:
    • In the comic, a guide who helps Ray through his dreams bears a resemblance to John Belushi (specifically, in The Blues Brothers), who would have played Venkman in the films had it not been for his untimely death.
    • The rival ghost removal team is called the "Ghost Smashers", the original name for the film.
  • Development Hell: That damned third movie. Rumors of it ever getting made started as early as the release of Ghostbusters II and only even ended because Harold Ramis died. While Dan Aykroyd had written a treatment, in which the team go to hell, Ramis's falling out with Bill Murray during the production of Groundhog Day stood in the way of physical production ever beginning. The two men wouldn't patch things up until just before Ramis passed away in 2014.
    • Ghostbusters: The Video Game was eventually made as a direct sequel to the original two films, even being set at the same time, with most of the cast returning.
    • A third Ghostbusters film was eventually released in 2016, but it rebooted the franchise with an all-new (and all-female) team of Ghostbusters who have no connection to the original films. This naturally proved controversial and divisive for many reasons which we don't need to belabour here, and an IDW comic book series published in 2017 further places the 2016 film in its own separate continuity from the earlier films.
    • Eventually, a proper third installment in the same continuity as the original films was announced in January 2019, in the thirtieth year after the last sequel, Ghostbusters II.
  • Recycled Script: "Ghost Smashers" from the IDW comic book is recycled from the The Real Ghostbusters episode "Robo-Buster". In both, someone steals plans of the Ghostbusters' tech, creates amplified versions of it that allegedly destroys ghosts instead of trapping them, which results in the residual PK energy forming into a monstrous amalgamation.
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  • Viral Marketing: The "No Ghost" poster with "Coming To Save the World" on it was in New York City subways for months before release.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Aykroyd wanted John Belushi to appear in the film (he also wanted him in New York to get him away from drugs). Unfortunately, Belushi died in March 1982, delaying production.
    • Harold Ramis' death in February 2014 was thought to be the final nail in the coffin for Ghostbusters III (though Egon's appearance in the film was supposedly going to be very brief anyway), and most likely contributed to the third film becoming a Continuity Reboot instead. That is, until a third film in the same continuity as the first two was announced in 2019.
  • The Wiki Rule: Ghostbusters Wiki, the compendium of ghostbusting.


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