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Fridge Horror:

  • If you accept (as Winston clearly does) that a ghost is the immortal soul of a dead human being, imagine what it must be like to spend a literal eternity trapped inside a concrete block.
    • According to a producer, there was to be one scene in which you saw the inside of the containment system, and it resembled a prison, with sad-faced ghosts sitting around. They nixed it because 1) it was too expensive, and 2) it engendered sympathy for the ghosts.
      • This is later expanded on in the animated series, as the containment unit is shown as a place all but the most incorrigible ghosts actually greatly prefer to the living world - a quiet, peaceful existence free of all the things that can piss off a traumatized human being lacking a physical body. It's often implied to be a scientific equivalent to a very high quality resting place; as in a pharaoh's tomb. Ghosts have been known to seek the 'Busters out just so they can go in of their own free will. It also happens to be Bigger on the Inside, to the point it is basically it's own self-contained alternate dimension. Big enough that even the troublemakers can dick around in their own corner and leave the rest of the inhabitants alone.
  • The concept, once you stop and think it through. Eldritch Abominationsplural — exist and actively plot The End of the World as We Know It. The rank-and-file supernatural nasties, down the most benign, harmless minions of said Abominations, are still capable of causing untold destruction and chaos. Ordinary humans who are willing to do insanely sick twisted shit in life can subsequently obtain ridiculous amounts of supernatural power once they die. Periodically, humanity has to face the threat of "Old Testament, real wrath-of-God-type stuff." And who's left to defend the planet from all this? A science nerd, an occult nerd, a uni bludger and a blue-collar guy who just needed a job with a steady paycheck, all armed with Mad Science. In a nutshell, the world needs Superman and it's got the cast of SNL.
    • Don't knock the 'cast of SNL', though; they've stepped up to the plate each time they've been needed so far.
    • Also, Harold Ramis was a cast member and writer for SCTV, which, while it aired on NBC in the 1980s alongside SNL, is nothing like it. SCTV makes fun of Canada and its television shows. SNL makes fun of everything, from American and world politics to the little things in life.
    • The whole horrific situation becomes some extreme Nightmare Retardant, since 'the cast of SNL' are more than capable of dealing with these threats as part of their day job.
  • The comics reveal one massive, terrifying concept of the Ghostbusters 'Verse, Satan exists, not a ghost pretending to be him, or powerful enough to claim to be him, Old Scratch himself is an actual being.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • The "Ghostbusters" theme by Ray Parker Jr. is the advertising jingle for the Ghostbusters as an organisation. Hell, the guitar riff is the sound of the Ecto-1's siren!
    • Sooo... The first thing they did with the five grand they got for the hotel job was hire a big-name star to write an advertising jingle? Instead of, say... A)improving their equipment so it's less likely to hurt someone(such as themselves) B)Fixing up the firehouse so it wasn't a deathtrap C)Publishing their results so the rest of the academic community would take them seriously? They were pretty damned confident about future work.
      • Of course, good advertising would help get them future work and more business — as a catchy Ear Worm jingle is likely to help provide — would help with all of those problems over time; A) and B) are gradually resolved as more income is coming in from more jobs, and C) as they gain more evidence from these jobs to help support their results rather than one isolated case study. Don't knock it; you can have the best and safest equipment and facilities in the world, but if no one knows your business exists it's not going to do you any more good.
      • Alternatively (and a bit more likely); the "Ghostbusters" theme song is a big-name star covering the jingle initially commissioned by the Ghostbusters for their business (as a cash-in at the height of the Ghostbusters celebrity and popularity).
      • I wonder how they got a hold of Ray Parker Jr.?
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  • In IDW's Ghostbusters 101, a malfunctioning dimensional gateway causes problems with the Answer The Call universe, with the female Ghostbusters thinking the border between dimensions is broken. They're right, but are missing that it's a DIFFERENT group of Ghostbusters punching the holes!
  • The Ecto-1 is a hearse. What are hearses used for, again?

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