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Trivia / G.I. Joe: Resolute

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  • Actor Allusion: Charlie Adler (Cobra Commander) once again fills in for the late Chris Latta as an iconic Hasbro villain.
  • Executive Veto: Warren Ellis originally planned for Cobra Commander to obliterate Beijing, but the Hasbro executives shot that down. They were OK with destroying Moscow though.
    • Fridge Brilliance suggests this was to avoid offending China — where Hasbro's toys are made.
  • Fake Nationality: Given four voice actors were involved, it was inevitable, but it also lapses into Fake Race as well.
    • Charlie Adler (Jewish-American) voiced Hard Master (Japanese) and Stalker (African-American).
    • Steve Blum (also Jewish-American) voiced Ripcord, Doc, Roadblock, and Zartan (the former three African-American, the latter one Australiannote ).
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    • Grey DeLisle (Dutch/French/Irish/Mexican/Norwegian-American) as the Baroness (Russian).
    • Eric Bauza (Filipino-Canadian-American) voice Destro (Caucasian-Scottish), Storm Shadow (Japanese) and Tunnel Rat (Chinese-American).
  • History Repeats: Cobra Commander was voiced by Chris Latta in the original series, who also voiced Starscream in The Transformers, and Latta famously used the same high-pitched, screechy voice for both characters. Here, Cobra Commander is voiced by Charlie Adler, the voice of Starscream in the Transformers films, and Adler likewise uses practically the same voice for both Starscream and the Commander.
  • It Amused Me: Literally Warren Ellis's answer to why Dial Tone got changed into a woman after Hasbro insisted the tech who talks to Gung-Ho be a named Joe.
  • Playing Against Type: Charlie Adler (who usually plays high-voiced wimps, effete losers, little girls, and smug, smarmy jerks in more comedic fare) as Cobra Commander (a character whose actions aren't played for laughs and is an actual threatnote ). This wasn't the first time he's voiced a main character in a serious action series either- he previously was Low-Light from the original Sunbow series(Who he does not voice, because the sniper doesn't appear in Resolute), and was Chance/T-Bone in SWAT Kats. He later plays Commander again in G.I. Joe: Renegades.
  • Talking to Himself: There are only four voice actors, so this was inevitable.
    • Charlie Adler voices Flint, Stalker, Gung-Ho, the Hard Master (credited as "Uncle"), and Cobra Commander.
    • Steve Blum voices Duke, Roadblock, Ripcord, Doc, Wild Bill, and Zartan.
    • Grey DeLisle voices Scarlett, Cover Girl, Dial-Tone, and the Baroness.
    • Eric Bauza voices Tunnel Rat, Destro, and Storm Shadow.
  • Uncredited Role: Snake-Eyes' voice actor for the flashback to the Hard Master's assassination was uncredited.
  • The Wiki Rule: Joepedia, the G.I. Joe Wiki.