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  • Author Existence Failure: Maddie Blaustein, the voice actor of Helga, Mr. Drake, and Spectre, died while the series was being dubbed, with other actors taking over for the remainder of the show's run.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For a long while, this was the case; only the first 15 episodes had been released to DVD and only the first 10 were ever put on iTunes. However, efforts to avert this sprung up; the show has not only become watchable on Netflix and KidsClick as of February of 2018, Discotek Media announced they got the home video license later that year, albiet only the dub for the time being.
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  • The Other Darrin: Mike Pollock took over voicing Helga and Mr. Drake after their original VA, Maddie Blaustein, died. Sean Schemmel took over for Spectre.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Expected, given 4Kids' tendency to reuse VA's, but particularly notable because several of the VA's played very similar roles in Pokémon.
    • To start off Max and his mom Aki are Ash Ketchum, his mom Delia and May. She even uses the exact same voice for Ash for Max
    • Ursula, Laura and Zoe's sister Reese are Jessie and Misty.
    • Dr. Z is Brock and James.
    • Helga and Zoe's dad are Meowth, until season 2, where they become the second narrator.
  • Science Marches On:
    • The feathering on the deinonychosaurs, which are now thought to have wings and a tail fan.
    • Seismosaurus is now considered to be a synonym for Diplodocus.
    • Megaraptor as a deinonychosaur, which was disproven in 2003.
    • Spinosaurus is now thought to be an short-legged, aquatic theropod.
  • The Wiki Rule: Dinosaur King Wiki


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