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  • Accidentally Correct Writing:
    • The show’s portrayal of Tarascosaurus. It’s only known from one very fragmentary specimen (two dorsal vertebrae and a partial thigh bone), with an estimated length of only 3 meters, and it’s geologically older than Pyroraptor and Rhabdodon by close to 10 million years, on top of its fragmentary nature making its classification as an abelisaurid controversial. Likewise, at the time the show was made, the idea of abelisaurids existing in Late Cretaceous Europe was hotly debated (again, due to the extreme paucity of attributed specimens). Flash forward a decade later (2013), and French paleontologists describe Arcovenator, a 6-meter majungasaurine found in the same formation as Pyroraptor and Rhabdodon and the first indisputable European abelisaurid.
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    • A roundabout example with the giant carcharodontosaur from “Alpha’s Egg”, who is depicted as the apex predator of Late Cretaceous Patagonia, and (given the setting of the episode) was likely based on the megaraptoran Aerosteon (discovered in 1996 but not properly named and described until 2009). While we now know that megaraptorans were very different beasts from carcharodontosaurids and that the latter were extinct by 80 mya, as it turns out, big megaraptorans like Aerosteon, Megaraptor, and the largest and youngest of the bunch, Maip (which reached 30-33 feet), were indeed the biggest killers in Patagonia during the Late Cretaceous.
  • No Budget: A number of models are reused for different related species throughout the series, recoloring them for different episodes (sometimes even within the same episode). This usually results in at least one of the species depicted being quite incorrect in its anatomical features.
    • The Saltasaurus from "Alpha's Egg" and "titanosaurs" (Ampelosaurus?) and Magyarosaurus from "Pod's Travels".
    • The Troodon from "Little Das' Hunt" and the dwarf troodontids from "Pod's Travels".
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    • Alvarezsaurus ("Alpha's Egg") and Shuvuuia ("White Tip's Journey").
    • Mainland (Rhabdodon) and dwarf "Iguanodon" (Zalmoxes) in "Pod's Travels".
    • Allodaposuchus ("Pod's Travels") and Notosuchus ("Alpha's Egg").
    • Pyroraptor and the dwarf Pyroraptor in "Pod's Travels".
    • Aucasaurus ("Alpha's Egg") and the mainland and dwarf Tarascosaurus ("Pod's Travels").
    • Maiasaura and Edmontosaurus in "Little Das' Hunt".
  • Science Marches On: While it was very up-to-date (some might even say ahead of its time) with its dinosaur portrayals, modern paleontology has made many discoveries since its debut. See here for details.