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  • Awesome Music: The OST of Dinosaur Planet consists of the incredible music of Dean Grinsfelder. Just listen and think of 80 million years ago...
  • "Common Knowledge": It’s occasionally claimed that the dwarf dromaeosaurs in “Pod’s Travels” were based on Balaur bondoc. Except they weren't. Firstly, Balaur was only known from its arms back in 2003 and was considered to be an oviraptorosaur of some kind. It wasn’t until 2009 that a more complete skeleton was found (though still lacking a skull) and it was named and described as a stocky, double-clawed raptor the following year note . Secondly, at around 2 meters in length, Balaur would have been a pretty standard-sized dromaeosaur and about the same size as Pyroraptor (and certainly heavier), not a cat-sized dwarf. The mini-raptors were actually based on previously found and very fragmentary remains (mainly just isolated teeth) attributed to diminutive Hateg dromaeosaurs.
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  • Fair for Its Day: To modern viewers, Pod and White Tip’s designs come across as very outdated and conservative, since discoveries made after the series showed us that dromaeosaurs were even more bird-like than previously thought, to the point that they were effectively flightless Toothy Birds. But for the early 2000s, back when other documentaries such as Chased By Dinosaurs were still clinging on to scaly depictions of Velociraptor and kin, despite evidence to the contrary, Dinosaur Planet and its predecessor When Dinosaurs Roamed America were quite revolutionary and nuanced for highlighting the avian affinities of dromaeosaurs as much as possible given the available evidence and the still relatively radical notion of feathered non-avian dinosaurs at the time, and helped introduce the concept to a much wider audience.
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  • Follow the Leader: One of a number of dinosaur documentary series made after Walking with Dinosaurs' meteoric success. It takes its own deviations, however, like its focus on narrative over science.
  • Good Bad Translation: Some dubs, like the Hungarian, got many animal names wrong. Most embarrassingly, the narrator pronounced Magyarosaurus (the word "magyar" being Hungarian for, well, Hungarian) as "Magiasaurus". Moreover, he constantly called the Aucasaurus "Arcosaurus" (which, ironically, would sort of become the name of another genus of abelisaur; Arcovenator), Prenocephale "Prenocephalus" and "Prenocephal", Maiasaura "Mayasaurus", and in one instance referred to White Tip as "White Nose" (the official title of the episode also calls her by this erroneous name).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: As it turns out, this wouldn't be the last paleo-doc to both use a "Planet" suffix and focus exclusively on life in the Late Cretaceous.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The roar used for the big theropods is considered to be this by some. They took an elephant's trumpet and a lion's roar and played them together to get a powerful bellow. A slightly tweaked version of it is also used for the smaller abelisaurs and sounds arguably even better.
    • There's also the cry of the Oviraptor, which only adds to its ominous presence. It's actually slowed-down goose honks combined with walrus bellows.
    • Then there's the scream used for Velociraptor and Pyroraptor, which is actually a slowed-down spider monkey screech (the same one used for the raptors in When Dinosaurs Roamed America).
  • Narm:
    • The Bullet Time shot in Little Das' Hunt, especially when his siblings are flipped into the air.
    • Alpha's main debilitating injury is this when you realize it's basically a stubbed toe.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • All the Gorn and scary-looking dinosaurs, particularly for younger viewers.
    • The fate of the Tarascosaurus in the first act of Pod's Travels — left crippled by an injury that bends its foot at a nasty angle, leaving it to struggle hopelessly before a giant tsunami sweeps it away.
    • The Oviraptors. Forget the cowardly egg thieves you may know them as, these guys in silvery grey/red colours and cacophonic goose and walrus sounds andare every bit as active, aggressive hunters as Velociraptor, with one's Jump Scare of it ambushing a Shuuvia from offscreen being a highlight.
    • The plesiosaur that ate Pod's sister. Scientifically accurate or not, that was freakin' scary.
    • The whole freaking volcanic eruption sequence at the ending of Little Das' Hunt for some. Especially the part on the highlands where Troodon get struck by globs of lava.
    • The baby Saltasaurus' running the gauntlet of Alvarezsaurus and Notosuchus, not helped by the dark nighttime and the cacophony of babies' cries.
  • Shipping: In a rare instance of a documentary being subjected to this, there are fans who ship Pod and White Tip, on account of both of them being raptors who are Iron Woobies.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • You can see pieces of excess rubber around the Pod puppet's eye.
    • The puppet's teeth also look fake.
    • Or how the Saltasaurus egg the Notosuchus picks up actually goes halfway into its face.
    • There are a few clipping and composition errors in the first two episodes, and some are more noticeable than others
  • Ugly Cute:
    • Many characters, like the young Alpha and Dragonfly, or the raptors and troodontids.
    • The alvarezsaurs deserve special note, as does Little Das.