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Awesome / Dinosaur Planet

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  • The final battle between Alpha and Dragonfly.
  • Pod discovering that he is the most badass predator on the island, culminating in him killing a (dwarf) Tarascosaurus in one attack.
  • The classic battle between Blue Brow and a Protoceratops...until they get buried alive in a sand avalanche, that is.
    • Don't forget the battle between Blue Brow and Broken Hand.
  • The eruption at the end of Little Das' Hunt is quite a sight to behold.
  • The Daspletosaurus and the Carcharodontosaur roars.
  • The Maiasaura and Daspletosaurus evolving into much bigger species. The latter even evolves (in-universe) into Tyrannosaurus rex, with triumphant music playing in the background.