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KidsClick was a daily three-hour children's block created by the Sinclair Broadcast Group that aired on Sinclair-owned stations of various affiliations. First broadcast on July 1, 2017 on This TV, KidsClick marked the return of non-educational Saturday morning cartoons on broadcast television since the closure of Vortexx on the The CW in September of 2014. It also marked the return of weekday cartoons on broadcast television, after Kids' WB! ended their weekday morning block in 2001 and afternoon block in 2005.

KidsClick was one of many over-the-air ventures operated by Sinclair. They previously launched diginets, such as the Sci-Fi-focused Comet and action and adventure-oriented Charge! with MGM, as well as TBD, which airs internet-based series aimed at millennials. As with those outlets, KidsClick was also livestreamed over the internet.

On July 1, 2018, This TV dropped KidsClick, with the block airing on TBD and only on Sinclair-affiliated stations in its final months.

Eventually, after less than two years, KidsClick announced that it would shut down after its final broadcast on March 31, 2019. As a testament to how abrupt the announcement was, the final bit to close out the block was a bumper stating that the block would be back the following week (it wouldn't).

Shows aired on KidsClick:

The block provides examples of:

  • Last Of Its Kind - KidsClick was, during its existence, the only program block to air non-educational cartoons on Saturday mornings and weekdays on stations affiliated with major U.S networks.
  • Saturday-Morning Cartoon: And weekday morning cartoons! And Sunday morning cartoons!
  • Two Decades Behind: The block likely would have lasted longer had it debut in the '90s when weekday and Saturday morning kids blocks were last relevant on broadcast TV. By the time KidsClick debuted on syndication and This TV, the major broadcast networks had already abandoned kids blocks and were starting to shift towards streaming to keep up with the likes of Netflix.