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  • Dueling Shows/Spiritual Successor: With Thomas the Tank Engine. Though the two really aren't as similar as one might immediately think. Chuggington has no narrator and while it does feature anthropomorphic trains, the general format and style of the show is rather different.
  • Network to the Rescue: While Chuggington faltered in toy sales and advertising during its fourth and fifth seasons, the Disney Junior Channel would give the half-hour extended episodes a fair amount of on-air promotion leading up to their premieres, which were placed in prime-time slots.
    • The "Little Trainees" Abridged Series seems to be an attempt to invoke this; Disney Junior has given it a fair amount of promotion (helped by the shorts being exclusive to their "WATCH" app), and international networks were positive towards it. This is part of a relaunch for their younger demographic (ages 2-4, as apposed to the initial ages 3-6), paired up with the revamped Jazwares toyline.
      • Aaand now inverted, as Disney dropped the series entirely in November 2018 and the Jazwares toyline ended up being a financial failure on both ends. Due to the relaunch failing to gain traction, Ludorum was sold to Herschend Enterprises (the producers of Splash and Bubbles and owners of The Harlem Globetrotters and parks such as Dollywood), who seem to be playing this trope straight (already announcing plans to produce new episodes, find new licensees beginning with toys, and looking into incorporating the series into their theme parks).
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  • Schedule Slip: The final main half-hour extended episode produced to date, "Delivery Dash at the Docks", was released to DVD five months after its airing on Disney Junior; the final special produced for the main series, "The Big Freeze", premiered on DVD before it.
  • No Exportfor You: The later specials, likely due to the financial disappointment of the first two/low episode count of the fifth season, suffered from this; "Snow Rescue" only got released to DVD in the US, Australia, and a couple other countries (though is now available with BOTH dubs on the series' original YouTube channel), while only the US recieved the two specials for Season 5 ("Delivery Dash at the Docks" and "The Big Freeze", which are now only viewable on DVD). Taking it up a gear, only "Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue" has seen a digital release on Netflix/Amazon.
  • What Could Have Been: Season 3 would have lasted for a full 26 episode season, had executives not requested change-ups to the format (hence why Season 4 was a major revamp).
    • An early licensing presentation prior to Season 4's premiere revealed that two other specials were planned for 2015 and 2016: "High Speed Action: Koko, Hanzo and the Speed Fleet" and "Rescue and Repair: The New Chug Patroller". Whether these were to have been part of the Season 4 lineup or if they would have been in the next season is unknown, though it seems as though the plan for the 2015 special was partially reworked into "Delivery Dash at the Docks".
    • Had the relaunch been successful, production would have begun on a series of 26 4-minute shorts for Fall 2018. Due to lack of funding, plans for them were shelved; it's unknown if whether or not these would have been re-edited shorts, like the "Little Trainees" series or the "bonus episodes" on YouTube.

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