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Trivia / BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

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  • Actor Allusion: Played with. Hazama calls Ragna "you siscon bastard" in his CS winquote against him. Yuuichi Nakamura also plays Kyousuke Kousaka of Ore Imo who has a bit of a siscon.
  • Banned in the United Arab Emirates: The game is banned due to suggestive and revealing outfits on some characters.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Apparently, Lambda has been given the name "Lamb-chan" by Japanese fans out of praise for her being a balanced version of Nu. American players, however, call her "Lamb-Chop" instead.
      • Lamby has recently popped up as well.
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    • Trollzama for Hazama. For obvious reasons.
    • Midriff-12, for Mu-12.
      • "Moo" and various other nicknames associated with cows and bovines as well.
    • Valk or Valky for Valkenhayn, because his name is too long and hard to spell for some people.
    • Loli Install for Platinum the Trinity's install distortion, as a Shout-Out to Sol's Dragon Install.
      • Japanese players tend to call her Peropero, which is the sound made when licking something. Specifically, lollipops.
    • Asstral Finish for Mu's Astral Heat, which is a Double Entendre due to the Astral looking like ass, and showing off Mu's ass gratuitously.
      • Assdrill Finish, Asstroll Finish, and The Sex/Raep Dungeon for Relius' Astral, where he ties the opponent up, walks up to them, and then the doors close in hilarious fashion, implying he's going to rape the opponent. Characters even gain specific lines for this Astral in Chronophantasma.
  • No Export for You: Odd case involving a port neither Japanese or other countries got. Unlike the previous game, this was not ported to PC, though, as a leaked version of an arcade build proved, that would not have been hard to do at all, especially because the arcade board ran an embedded version of Windows XP Media Center, which would have made an arcade to PC port a very simple effort that for some reason was never officially made.
    • Subverted after a while in the case of the European PC version, which was region-locked on Steam until several months after the initial release.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • In Continuum Shift II, Noel, Mu-12, Rachel, Bang, and Hazama get this treatment due to a rushed localization on Aksys' part. Their original VAs were unavailable at the time, so Rachel's voice clips in Valkenhayn's Arcade story and when fighting him are provided by Laura Bailey instead of Mela Lee. Some of Bang's clips against Platinum are still Tony Oliver, but for the intro, win quote, and Arcade story dialogue it's Steve Kramer instead. Hazama is still Erik Davies...until the new scene in Arcade where he sics Unlimited Mu on you, whereupon Spike Spencer (Arakune) temporarily delivers the lines. Noel's intro and outro against Makoto are Laura Bailey, again, but her dialogue in the first EX story is back to Cristina Valenzuela. Mu's Arcade story dialogue is provided by Julie Ann Taylor, who also voices Tsubaki and Kokonoe.
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    • This continues in Extend, but the only replacements this time around are Bang and Hazama. Bang is reprised by Steve Kramer from his CS 2 line. Hilariously, in Hazama's case, this time it actually is Doug Erholtz, who people had speculated was his voice since CT when it was actually Erik Davies.
      • Word of God says that one of the reasons for this is due to Executive Meddling on Arc System Works' part. The guys over at ASW handled the translation themselves instead of Aksys for the portable version of Continuum Shift 2 as well as Extend because of time constraints between the U.S. and Japanese release dates. Aksys only did the publishing for both games those times, but they have said that in the next installment that the problems won't happen again.
  • Talking to Herself: Julie Ann Taylor voices both Tsubaki and Kokonoe, who carry on a lengthy conversation when the player gets Tsubaki's bad ending in story mode.

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