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The video game series:

  • Divorced Installment: The original Alone in the Dark was initially going to be the first Call of Cthulhu game released by Infogrames, hence the abundance of Lovecraftian elements present in the game, and was intended to be called Call of Cthulhu: Doom of Decerto. When it was rebranded into its own IP, Shadow of the Comet (which is still referenced in the final version of the game) ended up becoming their first Call of Cthulhu title instead.
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  • Dueling Works: While Alone in the Dark served as a direct inspiration for Resident Evil, the Japanese series undoubtedly proved more successful in the end. Many of the Resident Evil games were released to some kind of acclaim and were very popular with audiences, while Alone in the Dark is mainly remembered for the first game in the series, with the others remaining largely forgotten. While Resident Evil successfully revived itself twice when most people were getting tired of the ongoing formula, Alone in the Dark failed to do so both in 2008 and 2015, effectively making itself, for all intents and purposes, dead as a franchise.
  • Fan Nickname: For the 2008 game, there's Alone in the Park.
  • Follow the Leader: In The New Nightmare, the controls, presentation, and gameplay are a little too similar to Resident Evil to be coincidental ("a little" being a major understatement). Note that Tropes Are Not Bad, and this also means the game is much more faithful to the first game's spirit.
  • Franchise Killer: The 2008 game was most likely this, as even a rerelease on PlayStation 3 to fix some of the bugs from the Xbox 360 version couldn't save it. It's even worse when you consider that even though the game developers delayed the release of the game for three years to try to stave off the bad publicity generated by Uwe Boll's failed film adaptation, some elements from the film still made it into the new game. If not the 2008 game, then Illumination finishes the job.
    • Years later, the revived THQ (as THQ Nordic) would purchase the rights in 2018, but what they'll do with it and whether it can be salvaged remains to be seen.
  • Franchise Zombie: Both games after New Nightmare. Illumination looks like it may be the final nail in the coffin.
  • What Could Have Been: Capcom was supposed to release AITD 3 for the Japanese market, but decided not to go with it.
    • There were also plans for a remake of the first game after the 2008 Game but it got canceled with only a really early internal trailer/walkthrough remaining.
  • Working Title: The first game went through many working titles, such as "Nightmare in Derceto" (from the name of the mansion), "Doom in Derceto" and simply "In the Dark".

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