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Nightmare Fuel / Alone in the Dark

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  • The first game:
    • The ghosts; if you touch them, they turn into a crazy vortex and chase you everywhere, with a constant demonic groaning noise, and the screen shaking. It doesn't always happen immediately either.
    • Reading "De Vermis Mysteriis" while standing outside the marked tile causes your character to utter a horrified moan as an unseen force lifts them up, and then very quickly and with no warning snaps their spine in half and hurls their body back to the ground.
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    • If you get clever and simply try to walk out the front doors before you're allowed to, you get sucked into the Great Old One waiting right outside.
    • Game over leads to the corpse of your character being dragged to a sacrificial altar before what seems to be the feet of the Big Bad, as the game then cuts to a shot of the mansion and the awakening of Pregzt that effectively spells the doom of humanity.
  • The third game:
    • The recording of the ghost killing the actor is a lot more unsettling than most of the series' monsters, and its different art style helps it feel otherworldly.
  • The New Nightmare:
  • The 2008 reboot:

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