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Nightmare Fuel / Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Despite its many, many flaws, Colonial Marines still has a few scares tucked away in it...
  • Though the first three chapters are more action-focused, there's still the nightmare fuel of being trapped aboard a sinking ship in deep space whilst xenomorphs could come at you from every angle and mercenaries are doing their damndest to kill you before the bugs do. Chapter 3 in particular kicks it up a notch because the ship you're on is falling apart all around you, leaving you wondering what'll kill you first.
  • Venturing through the burned-out wreckage of Hadley's Hope is its own flavor of subtle ill-ease; you know what went down here, and yet, you're desperately hoping that there's nothing left but rubble and ruin. Guess what? You're wrong.
  • Chapter 5, "The Raven", demands its own spot on the list:
    • The basic plot of the chapter is that you're trapped, alone and unarmed, in the bowels of a xenomorph hive, and have to desperately find your way out before the bugs have you for dinner. That's scary enough on its own.
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    • Except it's not just a hive, it's a hive that's been irradiated, leaving the place choked with what are either xenomorph carcasses or shed skins, which float around in the dark and leave you unsure of if you're truly alone down here or not.
    • And you're not alone; some of those ghostly "corpses" are actually Boilers, xenomorphs dying of cancer, who sit still and wait until they hear you — or you walk right into them. And for added intimidation, not only are they disgusting to look at, but their primary method of attack is to explode in a flesh-melting surge of acid when over-excited. Did we mention the hive is partially flooded, so you can never move quietly?
    • And for the Survival Horror icing on the cake, there's the Raven. Huge, powerful, deformed and violent even by xenomorph standards. You have to dodge its clutches at the start of the chapter, but to finish it, you have to make a mad dash through an underground chamber, desperately welding doors shut behind you to hold the Raven at bay long enough to cut through the door in front of you. You can hear it howling and battering against the door, and there's a genuine sense that it'll catch you if you're too slow.
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  • When you finally meet the Queen, she's sealed off in a chamber with a bunch of scientists... and then her restraints fail. You're safe, but you have a front-row seat to their screaming for mercy as she massacres the lot of them, leaving splashes of gore over the windows and cracks from where she tries to break out and get you.
  • The "Stasis Interrupted" DLC begins with the player character waking from cryosleep with a dead Facehugger on her face. You can probably guess her eventual fate. She is then forced to watch one of the mercenaries who hijacked her colony ship and infected its whole crew with chestbursters while in cryosleep burn a fellow colonist to death with a flamethrower, while the poor woman—totally unaware of what's been done to her—screams that she doesn't understand what's happening.
    • To top it off, despite the player character's efforts to set the ship to explode, the chapter ends with chestburster bursting out from the player character, in first person perspective, complete with unsettling agonized screams before the ship even explodes, which would be more merciful.

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