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The ending where Lucifer possesses Sarah is the canon ending.
Well, it states one of the 2 endings of the 2008 game is a Sequel Hook.

Lucifer-possessed Sarah is the "Good" Ending
She wasn't the chosen Vessel, Carnby was, So Lucifer wouldn't have his full power, If there ever was a sequel, it would maybe revolve around 2 things, Stopping Lucifer gaining his full power, and getting Lucifer out of Sarah's body somehow.

It's All Just a Dream in the 2008 game.
If you noticed in the beginning of the game, Carnby is held captive. There is no explanation of how did it happen nor of how he got that scar on his left eye. Therefore, he's been sleeping the entire time for the entirety of the game, making all the characters representing himself.
  • Crowley = Id
  • Theophile Paddington = Ego
  • Hermes = Super Ego
  • Sarah Flores = Anima
  • Lucifer = Shadow Archetype

The first game is a bit of a Resident Evil 1-Story where both characters stories happened at once somehow.
Its confirmed in the Feelies for AITD 2 that Carnby went through the first game, yet he somehow knows Emily in AITD 3, despite nothing indicating these two know each other.
  • In Carnby's intro for AITD 1, Emily contacted him, as a private detective, for going into derceto. He had some hard feelings, because in AITD 3, when they said that he would charge double for helping her AGAIN

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