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Tear Jerker / You (2018)

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While the show's premise is mostly played for horror, there are still plenty of sad moments, too.

All spoilers are unmarked.

  • If you think about it, Beck's whole life is this, from start-to-finish. Let's review.
    • Her father was an Addled Addict. They loved each other very much and had fun on his good days, but his bad days are terrifying. He finally overdosed and nearly died, and she found him.
    • At some point in her childhood, her uncle gropes her. When she tries to tell her dad what happened, he doesn't believe her.
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    • Soon after he finally gets sober, her father abandons her and her mother. Hurt and angry, she decides her dad is dead to her.
    • Years later, her dad gets back into contact, and she finds out he's taken up with an utterly condescending and insufferable woman who hates her, and constantly insinuates that she and her mother are to blame for her father's past drug abuse.
    • While in college, she makes a "best friend" who is happy to shower her in gifts and take care of her... but is also a possessive, controlling Alpha Bitch who constantly makes her feel like crap, manipulates her concern for her welfare, and is, unbeknownst to her, a Stalker with a Crush.
    • In grad school, she has a relationship with a guy who lies to her and degrades her self-esteem, as well as cheats on her constantly.
    • She finally meets a sweet, attentive guy who adores her and shares her interests, only for things to go south when her best friend dies, and she cheats on him with her therapist, who took advantage of her emotional vulnerability. Soon after she and the guy work things out and get back together, she finds out he's not who she thought he was at all. In fact, he's a murderer...
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    • ...and he locks her in a glass cage in the basement of his workplace when she finds out, determined to make her love him. She plays along, hoping to buy some time, but is utterly terrified and wondering how the hell she got here.
    • She finally breaks out of the cage, and it looks like she might make it... but she doesn't, and her "Prince Charming" strangles her to death. He posthumously publishes her work, and she's mourned and remembered as a talented writer who was murdered by her therapist at a young age... and no one knows the truth. The end.
  • The story Beck writes while in the cage — the last thing she ever writes. Elizabeth Lail's delivery just seals it.
    You used to wrap yourself in fairy tales like a blanket. But it was the cold you loved. Sharp shivers as you uncovered the corpses of Bluebeard's wives. Sweeter goose bumps as Prince Charming slid one glass slipper over your little toes, a perfect fit. But by the schoolyard, real princesses floated by you on fall winds.
    You saw the gulf between you and the rich girls, and vowed to stop believing in fairy tales. But the stories were in you, deep as poison. If Prince Charming was real, if he could save you you needed to be saved from the unfairness of everything when would he come? The answer was a cruel shrug in a hundred fleeting moments.
    The sneer on Stevie Smith's face when he called you a fat cow.
    Uncle Jeff's hand squeezing your ass in the Thanksgiving kitchen.
    The accusation in your father's eyes when you told him what happened.
    From every boy masquerading as a man that you let into your body, your heart, you learned you didn't have whatever magic turns a beast into a prince.
    You surrounded yourself with the girls you'd always resented, hoping to share their power, and you hated yourself. And that diminished you even more.
    And then, right when you thought you might just disappear, he saw you. And you knew, somewhere deep, it was too good to be true. But you let yourself be swept, because he was the first strong enough to lift you.
    Now, in his castle, you understand Prince Charming and Bluebeard are the same man. And you don't get a happy end unless you love both of him.
    Didn't you want this? To be loved? Didn't you want him to crown you? Didn't you ask for it?
    Didn't you ask for it?
    Didn't you ask for it?
    So say you can live like this. Say you love him, say thank you, say anything but the truth.
    What if you can't love him back?
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  • Karen's heartbroken but dignified exit when Joe breaks up with her, after he's been cheating on her with Beck. Though from a different point of view, it's probably good that she ultimately got away from the murderous sociopath.
  • The death of Forty. He just wanted to protect his sister from an insane murderer — a man Forty considered his friend — completely unaware that she was a monster, too.
    • His words to Love: "You are just as broken as I am. You're just a much better liar." He then tearfully asks her if she really thinks so little of him and his intelligence that she thought he didn't know that.
    • During the above, he briefly holds his gun to his own head.
  • The fate of the Alves sisters. Delilah finally exposed Henderson as an abusive predator, only to be kidnapped and murdered soon after. And Ellie, a fifteen-year-old, has to go on the run to avoid being placed into CPS.
    • Ellie's whole life thus far has been truly heartbreaking. Her father died and her relationship with her mother was so fraught that she ran away to go and live with Delilah. She then almost gets raped by Henderson (only saved by Joe dosing Henderson's drink beforehand), and just when it seems she and Delilah find some common ground, Delilah is murdered. Even worse, Love set up a plan to let Ellie take the fall for Henderson's murder, have her put in the system and through the trauma of being an accused murderer (with the endgoal of using her family's influence to poison the investigation and give Ellie blackmail money for life). For all his faults, even Joe sees how horrible this would be for the young girl and tells her to leave town. Unlike Paco, who gets a sort of good ending last season, Ellie is left all alone with no-one in the world to help her except the man who messed her life up so badly.
      • In episode nine, Ellie breaks down in Joe's apartment and confesses tearfully that she believes that Delilah abandoned her, just like their mother did.
      • During said breakdown, Love looks on sadly at Joe comforting Ellie. As crazy as she is, she does genuinely feel guilty for taking the girl’s sister from her.
  • Candace's PTSD flashbacks.
  • No matter of bad character's traits of Benji, Peach, Beck or Forty, they still were children of their parents. Even if their parents are on some degree Abusive Parents or Parental Neglect. Beck had parents and two siblings. Peach had mother who tried find out what really happened to her daughter. And Benji, atleast had a mother who was worried about him when she had no contact with him. None of them ever got to know what really happened to their children and Never Gotto Say Goodbye. Also Dr. Nicky lost his entire family who think he is murderer. Joe's actions had destroyed entire families.


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