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Tear Jerker / You Are My Destiny

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  • Nayoung's death.
  • The ending of episode 6, where everyone finds out about Nayoung's death. Spending a month and a half unaware of your child's death only to be hit with the cold, blunt can't help but sympathize for Yeongsuk.
    • The buildup to the reveal was probably the most agonizing part, with the peaking Dramatic Irony and Saebyuk obviously not wanting to tell everyone.
  • Yeongsuk's Freak Out and crossing of the Despair Event Horizon is probably the most devastating part. Any mother watching can relate to the feeling of soul-crushing emptiness received from losing your child.
  • In episode 20, Saebyuk breaks down crying after venting her feelings about Bukjo on the payphone (she doesn't answer), saying how much she hates her but then saying that she misses her.
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  • Soyeong's past; she had Yunhui while she was still in high school, and had to shut herself off from everyone around her. Yunhui is really the only thing she has left.
  • When Taeyeong and Soyeong announce their relationship to the Kim family only to be violently rejected.
  • Yunhui's Heroic BSoD after finding out the truth about her mom and Taeyeong, which is a brutal manifesto of Adult Fear in its worst forms. When she runs away and has Taeyeong and Soyeong spending the night looking for her, you can really feel Soyeong's hopelessness.
    • The "Reason You Suck" Speech she gives her mom afterwards is heart-wrenching, since she talks about how much Soyeong has ruined her life.
  • In episode 55, Soyeong is eating alone and looks around to see every female patient being fed by their lovers. Especially considering how strained and torpedoed her relationship with Taeyeong has gotten, it's a very saddening image.
  • Episode 57 ends with Yeongsuk squatting on the rocks at the same place where she mourned with Daejin, Taepung, and Taeyeong for Nayeong, and breaks down crying again about how much she misses her and needs her to talk to.
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  • Lee Hyun's "Let's Go Back", sometimes used as an Ending Theme, is equally heartwarming and saddening to here.
  • One of the saddest moments on the show has to be when Saebyeok visits her old orphanage in episode 69. She gets her old papers, and as we see the captions of what she's reading, it says "Parents: Unknown". Realizing that no one even came for her, she slowly breaks down weeping over an old pair of childhood shoes, lamenting about how the shoes are all that's left of her parents. Even sadder is when she tells Hosae about it, saying that she'd keep telling herself before going to bed that they'd come back.
    "Why didn't they come back for me?"
  • Taepung admits to Saebyeok that he likes her, shows protection over her, and even sets up gifts for her, only to have to face the fact that she's into Hosae. The scene in episode 69 where he's drinking his pain away and venting his feelings over Saebyeok's voicemail is especially sad, especially with how somber he sounds, as if he's mourning the death of their relationship.
  • Episode 95. Think Episode 6, but even worse.
    • The entire scene of Yeongsuk asking Saebyeok about her being the cause of the accident that killed Nayeong, made to be a spitting image of the original scene of her asking Saebyeok about Nayeong's death outright.
    • "She took my daughter's life..."
    • After Gyeongwu confirms that Saebyeok is the one they were swerving to avoid, Yeongsuk silently leaves and goes to her bedroom, where she slowly breaks down crying in Daejin's arms.
  • Hosae and Saebyeok's secret wedding going horribly wrong in episode 126, with Saebyeok chewing him out about how selfish he's getting, abandoning him at the altar, and Minjeong seeing everything.
  • Panjae getting fired in episode 147 and breaking down crying in Hosae's office, begging for him to keep him, stating that he has a family to support, with kids that aren't even a year old. Seeing the oldest man on the team, and a figure of authority, breaking down in vulnerability is hard to watch.


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