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  • Why does Beck's ground floor apartment not have any curtains? Surely, if she's having sex or masturbating in her front room, she might want at least some privacy.
    • This is exactly what I and a Friend of mine thought the first time we watched the Show. Chances are that it has some psychological reason. Beck seemingly wants to be famous and desired. Having herself exposed is a way of being that. Either that or she could be a slight Level of an Exibitionist.
      • There could also be an element of naivety to this behaviour. Beck seems to have certain blind spots and misses some red flags with Joe and Peach both. Her aspiration a certain lifestyle, or appear to live a certain life style might have made those blind spots worse. She may desire to be seen, especially perhaps, to be seen writing, having this 'interesting' writer lifestyle, and she's not registered how vulnerable that might make her. That could also be a generational thing. Millenials hate curtains, they collect dust!
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  • Beck is a millennial and a writer. Her life’s work is contained on her phone and laptop. Why does she not have a password on either? She must be the only millennial in the world who doesn’t.
  • Did Candice actually move to Italy, or did Joe maintain a false Instagram account to make it look like she was there?
    • Joe thought Candace was dead. So Italy was simply one of his inventions.
  • When Love killed Delilah, was it really about protection of Joe and their baby? Or more like Love's jealousy? Think about it. In flashback, we saw Love sat in cage while she was reading Beck's book. What if she secretly hoped that Joe will lock her there too. To get her on same level of his "love" as Beck. Love seemed to like fact that Joe took her panties for his collection. But then one day she walked in and saw Delilah there instead. And considering that she stalked all her brother's girlfriends... did she really kill Sophia because she wanted to protect Forty? Or because she always wanted Forty for herself?
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  • How did Candace deduce that Joe even knew Beck, let alone dated and killed her, just from seeing her memoir in a bookstore?

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