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Nightmare Fuel / You (2018)

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You like a little attention...
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In General

  • The fact that our protagonist takes They Look Just Like Everyone Else! to the very extreme. He's charismatic, intelligent, methodical, and he has a lower bar for murder than most people. The worst part is that nobody realizes he's a monster until he's too late.
  • Joe's obsession with one particular woman each season is harrowing enough, but the way he switches from one quarry to another in the blink of an eye adds a whole extra level to it.


Season 1

  • The sheer number of times Joe manages to stalk Beck, invade her privacy, and break into her home, and she has no idea. Especially since almost everything he does without her realizing is eerily plausible.
  • Joe's smile at the end of the first episode. It's not a Slasher Smile, it's a wholesome boy-next-door smile.
  • Joe's very first murder, when he causes Benji to have an allergic reaction that suffocates him.
    • Earlier than that, Benji tries appealing to his human nature by saying Joe doesn't want to kill people. Joe narrates "Who wants to kill people?" This means that Joe attacking people isn't some sort of exhilirating thing that gets him off. It's something that he sees as a necessity, like doing the dishes or taking out the trash.
  • Peach continuously gaslighting and manipulating Beck, coming just short of raping her so that she could get what she wants.
  • Joe's nightmare where he sees Candice making out with Elijah, who is then revealed to be missing half of his face (we later learn this is because Joe pushed him off a ledge to his death).
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  • The scene where Beck pokes around and finds all of Joe's Creepy Souvenirs, including her old phone, Candace's old necklace, a used tampon, and Benji's teeth. Her growing horror and realization is palpable. Especially when he comes back and she's Alone with the Psycho.
  • The nightmare fuel goes into overdrive once Beck realizes Joe has been stalking her, which leads to her getting kidnapped, seeing Joe's true nature and eventually killed.
  • The whole "did he/didn't he" subplot around whether Joe did in fact kill his ex. As it turns out, she's alive, but he thought he had accidentally killed her.

Season 2

  • You'd think that Joe is turning over a new leaf and is desperately trying to avoid what happened with Beck. Then, we see that he has already kidnapped someone in a recreation of his bookstore's glass box.
    • Cut to a recap of everything that had just transpired, revealing that absolutely nothing has changed.
  • Will owes money to a man named Jasper, who pays Joe a visit. He's cheery and agreeable, but he chops off one of Joe's fingers without changing his demeanor.
    • When Joe isn't able to get him the money he needs, he drops the facade and straight up tries to stab Joe. Naturally, Joe gains the upper hand and we're treated to a nice sequence of him being fed into a meat grinder.
  • Henderson's sex dungeon, where he takes underage girls.
    • He planned on the doing the very same to Ellie if Joe wasn't around to intervene.
  • We've known since Season 1 that Joe tried to kill Candace at one point. When we actually see it, it's like something straight out of a horror movie. He kidnaps her, ties her up in the back of his van and takes her to a lake in the middle of the forest. When she tries to run away, he chases her down and knocks her to the ground. Believing he accidentally killed her, he buries her alive.
  • Delilah's death. Joe decides he wants to free her and he finds her lying in a pool of her own blood with a Slashed Throat.
  • Candace's death, at the hands of Love. It turns out that Love has been a monster this whole time too.
  • At the end of it all, Joe notices that his neighbour is a young woman with an appetite for literature. Even though he'd had an epiphany about his actions and resigned himself to being Love's husband, Joe still cannot kick his habit and will likely torment this poor woman to both her and his new family's detriment. For added Fridge Horror, the equally-psychotic Love is unlikely to take any of this lying down.
    See you soon... neighbor.
  • Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg are going to be parents. That poor kid probably doesn't have a chance.
    • Considering the way Joe treats women he "love" and reacts to other men/women so much as breathing in their vicinity, one can only imagine how he's going to be around his unborn daughter, especially when she reaches her teens. He's going to take the Overprotective Dad act to a whole new level, especially given he never had any problems stalking and killing people in his life before.

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