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There's no business like show business!note 

"Lights, Camera, Action!"

Ah, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The bright lights, the cameras, the red carpet...

...and the perfect place to set your video game levels.

Studiopolis settings tend to be dominated by flashing lights and cameras, marquees and billboards advertising the latest In-Universe movies, and are often set in the game's equivalent of Los Angeles. Sometimes, this level will use other video game settings as film sets (e.g. Big Boo's Haunt for a horror movie, Space Zone or Eternal Engine for a sci-fi movie). This also includes live theatre stages; there might not be the camera, but there's action, often with elements such as a visible audience, stage lights, backstage scenes, and curtains.

Expect enemies to be Paparazzi, Loony Fans, or related to the genre of film being made.

Compare Casino Park, when the level is set in a casino-themed area, Band Land, when the level is music-themed, Toon Town, and Wackyland. Also compare Trapped in TV Land, where characters go through the literal manifestations of TV shows and movies in another dimension.

Please note games like movie-making simulators such as The Movies are set in this setting naturally and would be self-explanatory, thus should not be added.

Not to be confused with the voice acting studio.


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    Action-Adventure Game 
  • Luigi's Mansion 3: The eighth floor of the haunted hotel is Paranormal Productions, a movie studio themed floor which is the residence of a creatively blocked movie director ghost. Each room is a separate movie theater set modeled after a different genre of film with plots that must be acted out by the player in order to progress.
  • Princess Peach: Showtime! takes place entirely in a closed off theatre, with Peach performing on different stages and putting on costumes for each. There's also access to the backstage areas, depending on the level; for example, Patisserie Peach can go backstage in her first level to assist four hungry Theets.

    First-Person Shooter 
  • Bloody Good Time takes place entirely on movie sets, being used as the stage for a Deadly Game where actors must kill each other under various different rule sets as part of a bizarre audition process.
  • Overwatch: The Hollywood map takes place in a facsimile of the famous tinsel town, with the first part of the map being a Chinese theater and the entrance of a movie studio. Upon getting into the next section, both teams then do battle in a fake Old Western town, with high-tech equipment and lighting hidden throughout. The attacking team needs to seize the control point so that they can secure and start escorting the limousine of Hal-Fred Glitchbot, an Omnic (i.e. robotic) movie director with a rude streak towards his crew. Then, the final phase of the map starts in the back end of the studio, with old props and other things stored aside. The end goal (for the attacking team) is to reach the director's trailer that's parked right outside another theater. Reportedly, the art team was deliberately reaching for a "theme park version" of Hollywood; following an actual visit to the place for reference, they began making it more realistic, which they were directed to stop doing.

    Hack And Slash Game 
  • No More Heroes: The Rank 7 stage has Travis travel via subway train to the Bear Hug Studio, a large film studio within a warehouse. It is there where he meets John Harnet, a seemingly-humble man who likes to act as a superhero. But that man is an assassin, and after fooling Travis twice with an Electric Joybuzzer he enters into character and changes his clothes to those of his superhero persona, Destroyman. This initiates the boss battle between the two. The studio returns in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle as a Nostalgia Level, and Destroyman is the boss once again (but since Travis cut him in half, now there are two of him), but it's played by Shinobu instead of Travis.

    Party Game 
  • Mario Party 7: The board Neon Heights, which takes place in a movie studio. The movies being filmed are a western film, a Sci-fi film, and a baseball film. This level's gimmick is that the Stars are hidden in one of three treasure chests, which Koopa Kid will open for ten coins. Other prizes in treasure chests will include extra coins, Bob-ombs that will take your coins away, and Dark Stars that will take your Stars away.

    Platform Game 

    Racing Game 

    Rhythm Game 
  • The "What A Wonderpri World!" song from PriPara takes place throughout several movie sets.

    Role-Playing Game 
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: As part of their quest to recover the four Beanstar pieces Mario and Luigi visit the Yoshi Theatre, a cinema that has movie posters put up in its lobby by its owner, Boddle. Fortunately for the brothers, Boddle agrees to give them the Beanstar piece if they can find seven Neon Yoshi eggs to replace it.
  • The Paper Mario series in the first two games, Paper Mario 64 and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, have the battles take place on a theatre stage, complete with an audience of Goombas and Koopas watching and cheering Mario on during the "performance."
  • Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth: The final labyrinth of the world, Theatre District, has elements of this. Complete with gimmicks such as walking on roads of actual film (that contains negative memories), gates made out of film reels, portals to other floors in the form of a screen projector.
  • Undertale: Hotland is this combined with Lethal Lava Land. It's the setting closest to the CORE, which powers the entire Underground. It's also where Mettaton, the Underground's sole celebrity, lives and films his various TV shows. While most of his fans mean you no harm, he's gunning for you so he can rip out your SOUL and cross the barrier... but while he's working on that, he'll also have you on his shows as an honored guest. Pretty much everything in Hotland is named and themed after Mettaton, and there are cameras everywhere.


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