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Tear Jerker / The Witch and the Hundred Knight

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  • Visco's whole situation can be rather depressing. Especially since the player pretty much has to be mean to her at times, due to being under Metallia's control.
    • It gets worse when you see her childhood in a flashback. Her situation wasn't really no different from when she had the curse and is surprisingly similar to Metallia's own childhood. Being deceived and use by her other classmates despite her thinking of them as her friends and her only personal confide being her teacher who happens to be plague with terrible gossip. Yeah, even as a princess she still became an outcast. And that doesn't even touch the deception made by her fiance and one of her trusted servants.
  • Though Metallia has done very little to merit sympathy, the end of Chapter 5 is absolutely heartbreaking. At the end of Chapter 4, Metallia receives an invitation to Walpurgisnacht, the nighttime soiree where the Great Witches get together for partying and the discussion of important witchy things. However, when Metallia arrives at the meeting place with the bizarre items requested and does the excruciatingly embarrassing ceremonial dance necessary to kick off the event... Holograms of the Great Witches appear and begin to ruthlessly mock and laugh at Metallia. They then reveal that Metallia was never invited to Walpurgis and never will be, and the "ritual dance" she had to do was just entertainment performed by young apprentice Witches, usually small children, to kick off the festivities. Rather than hurl insults back or declare vengeance like most would expect, Metallia...breaks down and begins sobbing. Even Arlecchino is taken aback.
    • What makes the whole ordeal such a tearjerker is Metallia was so excited and happy to finally be invited to Walpurgis. The lamptrees around her house remark that she has dreamed of going ever since she was a child, and Metallia herself begins acting like a normal teenage girl getting ready for her first prom.
    • The scene is especially wrenching for those that are familiar with or have undergone hazing.
  • Chapter 8, in its entirety, as it goes into detail about Metallia's childhood and her history with the Old Hag and Malia.
  • Lucchini's ultimate fate if you take the view that he was actually Good All Along. His actions helped save the world, but the extreme measures he took to get there ensure he will be hated forever by the people of the world. He murdered his parents, betrayed and destroyed the trust all his friends had in him and massacred everyone in his home village, meaning he literally has no place to go and no one willing to help him. Metallia sparing his life might make you think he's a Karma Houdini, but honestly? It was probably the cruelest thing she could have done.
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  • Mani's betrayal. Just after finding out that she was made to be use as a living cure against Niike by Uruka, her idol and her parental figure, Metallia breakdown in a fit of anger and wishes Old Hag to die. Only for that to happen and Mani stabbing Old Hag and both Metallia and Malia unable to save her with the Old Hag making one last apology to Metallia for what she has done. Man, except two of the characters, everyone at one point betrayed Metallia and it happens also consecutively. It's a wonder how Metallia still has a conscience with even what happened to her.

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