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Trivia / The Witch and the Hundred Knight

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  • Development Hell/Schedule Slip: The game was originally supposed to come out in Japan in Spring 2012, only to be delayed to a release date of June 2012. It was then delayed again to Fall 2012 before settling with a release date of July 25 2013, over a year after it's original release date.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Metallia appeared as a DLC character in Disgaea Dimension 2 before this game actually came out outside Japan.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Metallia's original Japanese name was Metallica. Yes, like the band. Her name was likely changed to avoid legal issues with said band. Her English name Metallia, however, has no relation to the Sailor Moon villain Queen Metalia.
    • Her nickname, The Swamp Witch is also shared by another character named Werbellia, at least in Englishnote 
    • Those Two Guys who join Visco are named Wedge and Biggs, also the names of two minor characters from Star Wars. They are also two very common names for Those Two Guys in the Final Fantasy series.
    • Metallia says that Hundred Knight in the temporary world will essentially be known as the "Dark Hero" and claims that she did not steal it from anywhere after a conversation with one of lamptrees.note 
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  • Trolling Creator: Multiple endings are a staple of Nippon Ichi titles, usually with a Bad, Normal and Good/True ending. In The Witch and the Hundred Knight however, the "True" ending is by far the bleakest and worst ending, while the "Bad" ending is the one where everything turns out well.
  • What Could Have Been: The game was originally going to have a more open world akin to to the Legend of Zelda series rather than a series of stages.

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