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Heartwarming / The Witch and the Hundred Knight

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  • The end of Chapter 6. Visco convinces Nezaria and the other Great Witches to formally recognize Metallia as an official witch and properly invite her to Walpurgisnacht next year. Though she doesn't say as much, you can tell how touched Metallia is that Visco would do this for her.
  • Metallia promising Sabina that she can come and visit Hundred Knight, and giving her a ribbon to help with her wounds. It's the first time we ever see Metallia perform a completely selfless action, and for someone she only just met.
  • The exchange between Metallia and Visco at the start of chapter 10. Visco asks Metallia if she smells like a dog, and Metallia...tells her that yes, she reeks like a hound and she always has, ever since they first met, then asks what makes her bring it up. What makes the moment really sweet is that Visco's stench is one of the reasons she's looked down on and insulted, and Metallia, in her own way, just told Visco that it doesn't bother her.
    • Right after, Visco sighs and tells Metallia that if she had said this back when they first met, she would've gotten mad, but now, Metallia's bluntness is something Visco really likes about her. Metallia immediately blushes and gets very flustered. To drive it home, that is the only time that particular character portrait of Metallia blushing is ever used in the game.
    • And after the scene, Metallia's first thought? Finding a way to finally lift Visco's curse.
  • Malia's unwavering and unconditional love for Metallia. Despite everything that Metallia put her through, she never stopped caring for her and trying to find a way to save her from being a sacrifice to purify the swamp and destroy Niike, even if it meant Metallia hating her for it.
  • Metallia's Heroic Sacrifice for Visco at the end. Yes, she was a demented little brat and some of the things she's done throughout the game were reprehensible. But the fact that she was willing to go that far for a friend, Hell, the mere fact she was willing to spend the final moments of her life doing something genuinely heroic is a heartwarming moment in an of itself. It seems the biblical saying was true: No greater love is there than he who would lay down his life for a friend.
    • Early on in the way to the ending, it was revealed that Visco's mother was an alternative version of Metallia, giving shades that this might be a similar gesture of a motherly love. It would make sense considering Metallia's fondness for her came out of nowhere, maybe implying a motherly instinct.

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