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Awesome / The Witch and the Hundred Knight

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  • Hundred Knight fighting, eating and smashing his way through Brockenturm Tower to confront the Great Witches.
    • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment when you realize that this wasn't a command from Metallia. Up until now, everything the Hundred Knight has done is under orders from Metallia, but for all of chapter 6, Metallia is out of commission. So the Hundred Knight, thought by everyone to be a mindless familiar and incapable of independent thought, willingly decides to illegally travel to Walpurgis and storm the citadel of the seven most powerful witches on the planet because they made Metallia cry.
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  • In chapter 6, Metallia breaks out of her Heroic BSoD by hijacking an interdimensional sentient train, packing it full of swamp mud, then crashing it into Brockenturm Tower.
  • Arlecchino's Big Damn Heroes Moment In Inverse Amataya in chapter 11. After being trapped by Belda, it looks like it's all over... only for Arlecchino to drop in to a boxing stance with the intention of holding off TWO boss level Witch soldiers at once to allow The Hundred Knight to escape on the Night Train with Nezaria. When you see him later, he's back to his old self and doesn't seem to have even been troubled by it at all.
    • In general, chapter 11 is one big Awesome Moment for most of the cast. Nezaria appearing in the kingdom in a blanket of fog and easily destroying the Hexen Byuphen, while Visco saves Metallia from being executed and proceeds to ward off the other Inquisitors single-handedly.
  • Beating the everloving shit out of Totopepe.

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