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Nightmare Fuel / The Witch and the Hundred Knight

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The Witch and the Hundred Knight is one of NIS's darkest games, second only to Soul Nomad, so there's lots of horrible stuff to go around.

  • First there's the classic Metallia turning Malia into a mouse and then summoning a bunch of male mice to rape her thing, which was enough to turn some fans off before the game even really gets going. Malia escapes before they can get her, fortunately.
    • Malia's plights as a mouse are terrifying. At one point she gets Eaten Alive by a bird, and she has to tear her way out of it to survive.
  • Gelato Valentine's fate - being eaten alive / torn apart / beaten to death / whatever it is that happens to her after her Korrigon slaves turn on her. The Korrigon's expressions turning absolutely nightmarish before they pile onto her and their cute squeaky voices as they gleefully "nurse" her don't help.
  • So, Lucchini seems like a fairly goofy character, right? His excitable and cheerful nature really brighten up Metallia's group. So it's pretty horrifying and heartbreaking to find out that he murdered every single person in his village to stop their fear from withering the bell plant, including his own mother. And that's not even getting into the stuff he does to help his father Totopepe...
  • Speaking of which, everything Totopepe does. It's possible to sympathise with the other villains somewhat, even Lucchini, but Totopepe has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Rape, torture, murder, and everything in between - this guy does it with a smile, all without a shred of regret or remorse.
  • The entire second half of Chapter 9 in which the Yandere witch you're looking to capture traps Hundred Knight in another dimension, her voice echoing across the supposedly haunted battlefield and saying things like "I'm scared" and "I don't want to be alone anymore." And then you come across the creature that's been killing people...
  • In the Bad Ending, we have Witch Aguni, the Dark Witch version of Mani. The spider-like movements of her hair dragging her around along with her open mouth and rolling eyes (not to mention that this face has a more realistic style than the other characters in the game) make this boss look more like something out of Persona or Shadow Hearts than something out of a Nippon Ichi game.
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  • The Hundred Knight itself, if you think about it enough. A pitch-black being with piercing eyes that is always hungry, burns through food at a ridiculous rate and aside from being with Metallia and eating cookies, the only thing that can satisfy his eternal hunger is eating living creatures alive. Oh, and he can hit things so hard their souls pop out.
  • Dark Witch Faarenhait. Her entire segment, to be specific. You walk through the Ancient City Ruins, which are already quite unsettling on their own, but then you enter a Witch's barrier, a place your navigators cannot see inside. You run through this disturbingly dark area and then run into a gigantic spider with a googly eye on its back and it is also an insanely dangerous Dark Witch, so you scramble back and find that you have to run past her and fiddle with some levers. Several times. By the end, once you get out of the barrier, you'll be relieved about having Metallia's abrasive commentary back. It gets even worse right after, when Metallia explains to you that spiders cannot become Dark Witches, so either Faarenhait shouldn't even exist or a witch was so evil that she turned into something impossibly dangerous.

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