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Funny / The Witch and the Hundred Knight

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  • After unsealing the first Pillar of Temperance, the Forest Witch appears and summons the Elder Tree, which she hypes up as a thousand year old, impossibly badass being that Metallia has no hope of defeating. Arlecchino agrees and urges Metallia to retreat...but she instead responds by casually roasting the Elder Tree alive in one shot. After a moment of shocked silence, the rest of the cast begin flippantly discussing how easy it was.
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  • One of the early bosses is a rogue forest fairy who enjoys torturing intruders by reading their minds and taking advantage of their flaws. Once the Hundred Knight defeats him he launches into an enormous Motive Rant about how he was abandoned and forgotten by the human village he worked so hard to help...only for Metallia to appear and mock him for having such a lame and predictable backstory.
  • Shortly after Lucchini joins the group Visco does her best to warn him off about how cruel and sadistic Metallia is, and how she'll probably perform horrifying magical experiments on him. Far from being frightened off, Lucchini is thrilled that witches are every bit as mean as people say and gladly offers to work himself to the bone for her.
    • Speaking of Lucchini...the way he runs. His legs are reverse-jointed, so he kind of...hops along. It's actually really funny to see him and the other beastmen in motion.
  • After Metallia crashes the Night Train into Brockenturm, its three heads begin arguing over whose fault it is and that they should set up some kind of baggage check and customs office at their stations.
  • In Chapter 8, we find out that Metallia's real name is actually Lia and she got the name Metallia from the Old Hag when she begged her for a new one. However, young Lia had trouble saying her new name and Malia would tease her whenever Lia absentmindedly uses her original name.
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  • Later in the game during the old Amataya Ruins Level, the Hundred Knight runs into a giant Spider serving as the area boss and pillar guardian.The boss music starts as Metallia goes into massive detail about it's speed, agility, toxins and general badassery... only for it to drop dead a few seconds later after an awkward pause, causing the pillar to appear. Even Metallia is taken aback by how ridiculously easy the whole encounter turned out to be... until it's revealed that the giant spider was actually scared to death by the REAL area boss that appears behind you.
  • Thin Ice Lily's visit to Nahab for treatment in Chapter 12. She talks to Nahab about her massive crush on Malia which include her once attempting to be a man to circumvent a restraining order that Malia and the other Great Witches placed on her. She doesn't realize that the restraining wasn't due to her gender but to her being so goddamn crazy.

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