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Tear Jerker / Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

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Handmaiden: If you cannot tell me of the Force; then tell me of its absence.
Kreia: It is knowing what you want to say and never finding the words. It is a chorus, replaced with silence. Hearing teachings without meaning. It is like having a beloved pupil to whom you have shared everything, sacrificed everything, and then having them turn from you... and forget all you were.

  • The entire story of the Jedi Exile, especially if you play the canonical Light Side path for them. Best summed up by the Ithorians on Telos:
    Moza: Forgive me, Chodo, but the human - I could feel his/her suffering. I did not feel it until he/she stood before us, but then it filled my senses. Have you ever felt such an intensity before?
    Chodo Habat: Only once. The day I came to Telos, and strode upon its ashen surface.
    Moza: It's a planet's worth of pain. I don't know how he/she endures.
    Chodo Habat: It is because he/she has no choice.
    • Consider that Telos was completely annihilated by the Sith during the original game, all life being extinguished and the surface becoming a barren wasteland. The Exile is suffering just as much pain. If the Exile is a Dark Sider, he/she has been through so much (like having to cut his/her Force connection because he/she felt the deaths of everyone in Malachor V and then being unjustly exiled by the Jedi Order) that it's hard not to see their descent to darkness with a whole new light.
  • Malachor, the final world of Knights of the Old Republic II, is incredibly emotionally affecting - it feels like the last echo of the World.
    • Kreia stating that in the Exile's memories, they can no longer picture the beautiful world Malachor was before they dropped the superweapon on it, instead, it's always the desolate landscape that they caused.
  • The possible Heroic Sacrifice of Visas Marr would count as a Tear Jerker. If it wasn't the player's choice to do so. You monster.
    • The intended version would have been much, much worse, with the Exile's companions confronting Kreia on their own only to be beaten down and imprisoned in order to force the Exile to choose between freeing them and making the final boss fight harder, or allowing them to die for an easier boss fight. Meanwhile, Atton manages to escape capture only to sacrifice himself in a one-on-one battle with Darth Sion - and if he loses, Sion tortures him and leaves him, broken and dying, for the Exile to find. The audio file for Atton's death exists in the game's files, and it is heart-rending.
      Atton: Hurts... when I laugh...
      • Considering Atton's back story as a former Sith assassin, dying for fighting a Sith Lord could also be interpreted as a Redemption Equals Death moment, especially if he has been turned to the Light Side via the Exile's influence.
      • If you have the Restored Content mod installed, try to reach this moment as a female Exile. Atton will tell the Exile in his dying moments that he's been in love with her since they met on Peragus. It's the only time in the game that he ever admits his feelings for her.
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    • Seeing Remote being destroyed. It's so sad to see Bao-Dur losing his best friend. It's even worse since it has been confirmed that Droids have no afterlife.
      • Although it is possible that Remote doesn't die. Nonetheless it's still crushing that Bao-Dur's future is never revealed. Made even worse given that Kreia embellishes on the future of everyone else.
  • The music in the Jedi Enclave. And the visuals of what happened to the place sure didn't help.
    • There's also Kreia, moving to the benches. She has, from Peragus, projected the image of a cold and aloof mentor figure. She hid all of her pain from losing her hand on the Harbinger. Even discounting Gameplay and Story Segregation, she has fought alongside the Exile without protest and with the capabilities of the younger and more able-bodied crew. And then suddenly, she is unequivocally presented as bone-weary and old - you can feel every year she has and then some as she makes to sit down. It doubles when you remember that, after her hand was cut off, Atton tells the Exile that she seemed to not want to display any sign of weakness around the Exile, and then allows them to see this...
  • A meta example: LucasArts rushed the game for Christmas, causing Obsidian to leave out a lot of content. But when Obsidian offered to restore it all with a patch, LucasArts refused to allow them to make it! The lost content includes cut dialog, the Moment of Awesome that is the HK factory, a HUGE amount of the final mission, and interactions between Exile and his/her teammates. That LucasArts could so callously kick Obsidian like this...
    • Fortunately, there is a happy ending to this. Pretty much all of cut content (including the entire HK factory and the entire intended ending) can be restored using the Restored Content mod (which Steam owners can easily download from the game's workshop).
  • The "Death of the Ebon Hawk" movie. Watching the ship that travelled with you for two games plummet into the depths of Malachor V, after everything you've been through is truly sad.
    • If the player goes for a Light Side playthrough, this is kind of offset by the fact that it reappears without any reason or justification in the ending, rescuing them from the collapsing core of Malachor V.
  • If Revan is set to have been light side, then there is a brief conversation with Carth Onasi after the Battle of Telos. If Revan was male, he will tell you that, if you happen to find Revan, "simply tell him Admiral Onasi is following orders." And then there's if Revan was set to female. The game assumes you followed the love story. What you're told this time? "Tell her Carth Onasi is waiting for her."
    • The meeting with Carth if Revan was played as female is rough to watch. He tells the Exile that he's been waiting for her to come back for four years, and that the reason she left him behind was because she couldn't bring 'those she loved' to wherever she was going. Carth's heartache, loneliness and resolve in his final line is palpable.
      • And the worst part? Revan never came back. Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals that s/he gets captured by the Sith Emperor and imprisoned for 300 years. Carth spent the rest of his life waiting for the woman he loved to return to him, not knowing her horrific fate, and died without ever seeing her again.
    • If Revan was male, the game also assumes that you followed Bastila's romance. If set to Dark Side, you can come across a Sith holocron that Bastila made on Korriban, where she decided to leave the Sith movement to find her lover, however long it takes. If set to Light Side she will talk to Carth after the Exile leaves Telos, acknowledging that Revan left her behind for her protection, but still missing him and wondering why he did so.
  • On the light side run, you can make Mira a Jedi, and when you do, what makes it kind of sad is the reason she does so. It's because she doesn't want to live in fear anymore. If that doesn't make you feel for her, the voice acting in this bit of dialogue will:
    Mira: (almost sobbing) I don't want to keep running, and looking, and never feel like I'm finding what I'm looking for. I'm tired of being hunted!
  • Handmaiden has suffered from years of emotional as well as physical abuse at the hands of her sisters. Openly calling her weak and berating her, both in sparring sessions and outside. When Atris realizes that she has begun training as a Jedi and tells her sisters she is a traitor almost all of them immeadiatly believe it. Being completely hostile to her when she returns and attacking her.
    • In the Restored Content mod this comes to head where she has the option to kill them during the confrontation instead of just incapacitating them. Whether this is in self defense or revenge is up to interpretation.


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