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Nightmare Fuel / Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

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They do not call him the "Lord of Pain" without reason.
Knights of the Old Republic II as a whole is significantly darker in theme when compared to its predecessor, or even other Star Wars-related media as a whole. Its bleak atmosphere and grey morality are what truly make it stand out in the franchise, and it doesn't come without a few chills.

  • The first two stages of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords make up an exercise in creepy. In the optional prologue, the player controls T3-M4 on the shattered wreck of the Ebon Hawk, the only other occupants of which are another droid, one nearly-dead Jedi, several corpses, and something in a sealed cargo room that won't stop banging on the door. This is eerie enough, but when the player finally takes control of the main Player Character, it's to regain consciousness on a remote mining station and discover that someone or something has systematically crippled the station and murdered everyone else there while you were unconscious. Right around the time the tension is at its highest, the PC meets the HK-50 assassin droid responsible... and, although the extensive dialogue that ensues makes it abundantly clear what went down, the PC isn't able to do anything about it until quite a bit later.
    • "Mocking Query: Coorta? Coorta? Are you dead yet?"
    • Just the thought of Peragus is scary enough. You're on a mining planet and there's almost no way to escape until a ship appears...only it's full of assassins and dead people, with a powerful Sith Lord having done the killing. Escaping is basically going through a minefield. So there's almost no way out. It's definitely like something out of a horror game.
    • Made worse: the thing that won't stop banging in the cargo room on the Ebon Hawk? That's HK-47. From his perspective, he's trapped and has no way out, so he just resorts to banging endlessly, hoping that he'll be able to eventually break free. Now picture that scene if you're incredibly claustrophobic. Also made worse when you realize that the HK-50 is probably the one that shot him to pieces.
      • Going through The Harbinger is the worst part. It's littered with corpses and invisible Sith Assassins that pops up every now and then, especially when you enter a dead road. And Darth Sion is skulking around and of course he shows up in the worst part, the long, empty hallway with flickering lights. The unsettling music makes the whole level creepier.
      • And if you use cheats to enter the Harbinger without recruiting Atton or Kreia, you get this scene without the dialogue, just Sion standing there, looking at you.
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    • HK-50's audio recounting of the engineer's last moments. The voice actor did an exceptional job at conveying pain when the droids start burning through his leg.
  • Korriban from the second game, where the Sith academy is abandoned. The door to the colony is collapsed, but there's clearly a reason you landed in the Valley of the Sith instead of there. There are decaying bodies lying around. The person you went there to find is lying dead inside a torture cage. And then you're attacked on the way out by Darth Sion. And before you even enter the academy, you're attacked by invisible giant reptiles if you try to loot the random corpses laying randomly on the ground. Because they are only invisible, this means they're always there, watching you go about your merry way.
    • Not to mention the constant attacks of Sith Assassins while you're in the Academy. Since they spawn in Stealth mode, the implication is that they're always there, but unlike the lizards, these guys are always there, following you. And, much like in the Harbinger, they tend to appear when you hit a dead end, so you turn around and you have several invisible assassins attacking you where there was nothing before.
  • Every one of Sion's appearances. Especially the medical bay log on the Harbinger that has the doctor going along normally before stopping to look at something offscreen with shock, then the camera shorts out and you hear screaming followed by Sion's deep, gravelly voice saying "I have come for the Jedi."
  • The Tomb of Ludo Kresh, being an example of both a Mind Screw for the player and a Mind Rape for the character. To sum up: Creepy BGM? Check. Distant screams heard when within the tomb? Check. Inability to regenerate force points? Check.note  Illusions of your past trying to drag you to darkness while real monsters try to kill you? Check! Especially horrifying is when your entire party turns on you with this line delivered in a Creepy Monotone: "Apathy is death."
    • Made a Funny Moment if you have HK by that point: "Staaatmeeent: Aaapathy is deeeeaaaath."
    • Especially creepy is the fact that losing to any of the illusions in there won't kill you, but it will give you a lot of Dark Side points and leave you with only a few hitpoints, so any of the real monsters you face while in there will kill you.
    • Sanity Slippage: "The visions. The visions! They thought to trick me by taking the form of my fellow Jedi, but my discipline is so strong - I tricked them back. One fell to the shyrack, and the others fell to my lightsaber"―Nebelish's datapad found on his body
  • Though you're on a safe side, while you're on the surface of Telos you can look towards the containment field on the edge of the map. The sky is black and you can see lightning. It makes you wonder exactly what the sections of the planet that haven't been restored yet look like...
  • Darth Nihilus. He devours entire planets and doesn't care who he devours. If not for the Exile, he would have devoured the Jedi, then the Republic, and all sentient life in the galaxy, including the Sith. What makes it worse is that he speaks one of the few languages in the game that isn't subtitled. It's hinted that he is speaking the language of the True Sith.
    • His outfit is pretty scary too: totally black robes and a mask made of bone. It only makes it scarier when you hear from Visas that he doesn't have a body because he's devoured himself and all that remains is his essence, using the Force to keep his physical shape.
    • The way he speaks is especially creepy. Even with the weirdest of alien languages, they at least sound like speech, or at the very least, something natural. Nihilus? His voice is like a warbling, strange hiss that doesn't sound even slightly natural.
      • What doesn't help at all is that, when alien characters speak in an alien language, like Wookies, Twi'leks or Hutts, it's translated in subtitles for players to read. Nihilus offers no such courtesy, and instead only produces unintelligable noises the player is left to interpret by themselves
    • The implications with Nihilus' force drain ability. The force, especially when it comes to force ghosts are treated like souls in the setting. And Nihilus is viewed as a black hole of the force and feeds on it. Unless it's stored and released upon his death, it could mean that being drained by him is the same of having your soul destroyed and leaving you Deader Than Dead.
    • Oh the other hand. If you listen closely to his horrifying scream in this audio clip, you can hear human screams, both male and female. This could imply that being drained will leave your consciousness trapped within him, and him being a Humanoid Abomination diagnosed with Horror Hunger, is this fate any better than being obliterated?
  • The cut-scene with Darth Sion beating up Kreia. She's laying there after being defeated by Nihilus, completely defenceless as Sion lifts her up and she's emitting a muffled, terrified scream just before he brutally beats the crap out of her with the dark side Jump Scare sound clip playing all the while.
  • After Kreia kills the Jedi Masters, if the player approaches the bodies, the description for each would say "This master is dead... drained of life. His body is worse than lifeless it is like an absence in the force".
  • The implication Kreia's analysis of The Force has for the whole Star Wars universe. What if the Force really is a cruel entity that continually demands war and blood sacrifices to sustain it, fed by a cyclical religious war between two over-simplistic schools of philosophy, playing both sides and manipulating all life so that it has a constant supply of death to feed on? And the best case scenario is continuing to doom the universe to more of the same?
  • Kreia's plan to kill the Force using the Exile. The Force has been stated to be the source of all life in the GFFA on more than one occasion. What would have happened if Kreia succeeded?
  • The blunt way Atton describes what he used to do for a living, and why he had to run from it. He had a Jedi prisoner, and he went in for the usual methods to break her, but she warned him that he was a Sensitive, and was going to find himself on the torture table once his bosses figured it out. He strangled her to death, part out of fear and part "because I loved her."
  • Malachor V. Its surface is little more than a collection of jagged rocks and huge chasms, with storms up in the sky practically 24/7, and with cracks in the ground that release poisonous gas pockets if stepped on; the only form of life that one can find there is a species of hulking humanoid-reptilian monstrosities corrupted by prolonged exposure to the dark side of the Force. And there are corpses remaining from the end of the Mandalorian wars, all over the place, as well as remnants of ships torn to pieces. And as for Trayus Academy, well, let's just say that an active Sith Academy full of students and Sith of all kinds that are out for your blood is not exactly the most welcoming place in the galaxy.
  • While exploring the depths of the enclave, and busting open a security door, you can find a datapad bearing this note: 'It's been a couple of weeks and no one has come for me. I can only assume the Enclave was destroyed topside and now I'm buried alive in here. I've tried using the equipment in this storage room to hack, force, weld or blow that flaming door open, but nothing I've tried works, and now I'm running out of food...'
  • The Dark Side endings to your party members can be pretty ominous. Atton goes back to being a killer and murders the Jedi for their compassion, the Handmaiden will be completely consumed by battling, the Disciple basically becomes early Palpatine, Visas goes on a rampage towards everyone that has slighted her, and if you somehow managed to make Mira fall to the Dark Side, then she will no longer hold back on killing people. Congratulations, your influence has managed to make everyone who looked up to you into Lack of Empathy Ax-Crazy Blood Knights


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