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Tear Jerker / Gladiator

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  • The whole scene where Marcus Aurelius tells Commodus that he's going to make Maximus the emperor instead of him. What follows is, even considering what Commodus goes on to become, truly agonizing to watch.
    • Making it even worse is that he's absolutely correct about Marcus Aurelius' feelings toward him. As shown two scenes ago, Why Are You Not My Son? with Maximus is in full effect, and to go one further, even after hearing his son's breakdown, the most Aurelius can muster up is to take the blame for Commodus' failings as a son rather than do anything to actually reassure him.
  • Maximus makes it home in Spain after escaping death at the hands of the Praetorian guards... but it's too late, as his estate and fields have been ravaged by fire and his wife and son have been crucified on Commodus' orders, and he can only break in tears at the sight of their bodies. Cue the saddest One-Woman Wail you'll ever get to hear.
  • In the extended edition, one of the men fed to the Zucchabar arena is revealed to be a highly educated scribe who speaks seven languages but has no combat experience of any kind. He knows full well that he will not survive and, sent in the ring unarmed, is among the first to die to whet the audience's appetite.
  • When Lucilla goes to speak to Maximus after learning he's still alive, Maximus angrily accuses her of being complicit in the death of his family. Lucilla denies any direct involvement, but she admits that she didn't stop it, because she's afraid for her life and the life of her son, now that her bloodthirsty brother is Emperor and will do anything to stay in power.
    Maximus: My son was innocent!
  • Proximo's death after he helps Maximus to escape. Even sadder when you realise that Oliver Reed died as well - in fact he was already dead by the time his death scene was made.
  • The doubly tragic death of Hagen and Cicero during Maximus' attempted escape. Hagen volunteers to delay Maximus' enemies and ends up being brutally stabbed to death for his troubles. Cicero, ever the loyal servant even in Maximus' darkest moments, is hung from a tree and shot full of arrows in the very next scene.
  • Maximus passes away after killing Commodus, and is reunited with his wife and son in Elysium.
    • "Go to them."
  • Juba: "Now we are free. I will see you again... But not yet. Not yet..."