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Shout Out / Video Game High School

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  • Episode 3 references 'nope.avi' from the Team Fortress 2 fanbase, and 'Son, I am disappoint' from 4chan.
  • There are tons of hidden references that only make sense if you're a gamer.
  • Grim Fandango gets a sly nod during the arcade sequence, with Brian even wearing Manny's iconic white suit.
    • It's not only the suit. The whole start of the sequence how Brian walked into the place and turned it into his place over one day is a reference towards the game.
  • Casablanca gets a shout out during the arcade sequence as well with a female patron being told that Brian never plays with the customers, much like Rick never drinks with his.
  • Games Dean's name and outfit is probably too old a reference for the target audience.
    • Also, look at his team's names when he plays versus Brian, paying off James Dean, Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood.
  • The way Brian retrieves his school ID from the top of the flagpole is a direct homage to Super Mario Bros..
  • Inter-school matches take place in the Grand Theft Auditorium.
  • While raiding the teacher's lounge for sodas, Ted nearly gets caught and hides in a cardboard box.
  • The Dorm Rules include the following (this also counts as Freeze-Frame Bonus):
  • The Law at one point threatens to squeeze someone's head between his thighs, a reference to one of Zangief's lines in Wreck-It Ralph. He even slaps his thigh for emphasis.
  • In Mr. Swan's "Performance Review," he says, "I must say, your Professor Layton has no idea of where the puzzle genre fits into..."
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  • "Paropera the Opera" in Season 3 Episode 1 is a Shout Out to Parappa The Rapper.
  • In an interrogation between Ki and Shane, the latter mentions that ten minutes prior he was reading Atlas Shrugged, written by "some broad who talks too much".
  • In season 3 episode 5, the FPS team is seen playing a game starring Mathster Chief, who needs to solve an equation for the variable X to fix his Warthog.
  • DK mentions "the Beyond: Two Souls Beauty Salon".
  • Freddie's death is shot as an opening to Lawrence of Arabia.
  • In the finale, Jumpin' Jax plays the game over theme from Banjo-Kazooie on the banjo.
  • The iconic shot from Platoon of Sgt. Elias throwing up his arms as he dies is done by Jumpin' Jax in the final episode.
  • In the final episode, we see Ashley and Shane discussing plans of creating 64-oz cans of Napalm, referred to as the "Napalm 64" or 'N64'.


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