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The whole series is an elaborate MMO

Brian and The Law will team up against Shane Pizza
Brian is stuck working off his tuition fees because his scholarship vanished when The Law was convicted of aimbotting. If Brian finds out Shane was involved in framing The Law, he may be willing to help restore his reputation.
  • Confirmed. In the final battle, Brian enlists the Law's help to save the school.

The Law is Calhoun's son.
Law mentions his father as someone whom he despises, bringing up his parents for the first time in the series. In the same episode, Calhoun tells Brian that he has a son, but doesn't say anything else other than that his son is "a jerk."
  • The behind the scenes vid for season 2 episode 2 flat out josses this theory, as the creator of the series reveals Law's backstory as being the son of an oil tycoon who does not have his father's approval for his pro-gaming career. Besides, it would be hard to reconcile the fact that Law and Calhoun have different surnames.
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  • Season 3 shows that Calhoun has an infant daughter.

Shane Pizza is Calhoun's son.
Shane Pizza is a jerk. Plus, it could set up the epic boss battle of Season 3: Law and Brian versus Calhoun and Shane.
  • Jossed. Shane is part of the Barnstormer family.

The Law leaving VGHS is all part of his plan.
He's still trying to figure out who framed him for using an aimbot. Leaving VGHS to join a rival school is part of a Xanatos Gambit to figure out who the mastermind is.
  • would joining a different team help him to do that?
    • His abrupt departure would take the heat resulting from any more attempts to silence him away from VGHS.
    • As of Season 3, it seems more like he left the school to get away from Shane.

VGHS takes place 90-100 years from now.
We can find out by looking at the names of characters and how video games work compared to today.
  • The common-ness of baby names are usually on a 120-year cycle, as explained in this story from NPR. Names like Brian, Ted, and Jenny were common for high-school kids back in the 1970s and 1980s. Related: people in those decades named Ernie and Mary were likely in their 30s or 40s.
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  • Technology levels are pretty advanced. They have mass-produced immersion gaming and 3-dimensional (volumetric) projections!
  • People have all but dropped holidays and just lumped them all together as L33tmas. It would take several decades for that to be officially recognized.
  • On top of that, video games have supplanted movies, similar to how movies took over books by the late 20th Century.
  • All of this points to VGHS taking place about 100 years from now. In other words, the 2090s, 2100s, or (at the latest) the 2110s.
    • And yes, it's more likely a result of Two Decades Behind meets Rule of Cool, but we're looking at this from an analytical standpoint, dammit!
      • Actually, canon confirms that the show takes place in 2018. If you go to (28:33) you will see that on the right corner of Ted's report, has the full date: "8/24/2018".

Season 3 will be feature a showdown between Shane Pizza and Ki Swann, with an RTS match mirroring real-life pitches for Student President
With Ki entering into massively over the top Gambit Roulettes with Shane.
  • They do face off, but in a Field of Fire match rather than an RTS.

The Law will be the Spanner in the Works that ultimately ruins the Barnstormer brothers' plans.
Season 3 episode 2 reveals that while Shane Pizza/Barnstormer is now Law's new classmate at Naplam Energy Drink High, Law still hasn't forgiven Shane for the aimbot framing incident that ruined Law's life (even if it was temporary). It's likely this plays a role in Law either turning on NEDHS, or (more likely) his vengeance on Shane will just so happen to derail whatever plans the Barnstormers have for VGHS.
  • Jossed, to an extent. The Law's biggest contribution is distracting the new Law during the final battle when they both begin childishly bickering over which is the better Law.

ShotBot was just a regular human until he was kidnapped and hypnotized into believing he was a robot.

The AI car in Pugatorio is the real reason why the game was banned.

VGHS takes in a world where The Great Video Game Crash of 1983 and the fall of arcades never occurred.
Thus causing a rise of videogames into the crazed world of this series.

Freddie Wong committed suicide.
The peaceful, resigned look on Freddie's face in the opening of the episode, as well as not even wearing a helmet, seem to suggest this.

Brian's father is the President of the United States.

Ted is not actually Freddie's son.
Rather, he is the offspring of an affair between Freddie's wife and none other than Freddie's own brother, Jimmy Wong. Due to a lack of direct mention towards Jimmy within the series itself, one can conclude their adultery was eventually discovered and Jimmy fled for whereabouts unknown to escape Freddie's wrath, hence why a brief glimpse of Jimmy's show "Feast of Fiction" is seen on a TV screen, only with Jimmy completely absent; He clearly existed at some point, but has since disappeared. This is why Ted bears such a striking resemblance to Jimmy, why Freddie and his wife had a messy divorce when Ted was rather young, and also why Freddie acts so detestably towards his 'son'. Though they are seen to have had almost happy memories in Ted's youth, as he grew more and more to resemble his father in terms of appearance and personality,Freddie became bitter and twisted. His attempts to force Ted to live forever in his shadow is his way of extracting revenge on his adulterous wife and scoundrel brother. And the 'child support payments' he received off Ted? In his mind, it's fair comeuppance for having to raise a child that's not even his.

Jenny's father is John Matrix from Commando

Had there been a Season 4, a terrorist organization that tries to force video games down people's throats would have been the next Big Bad.

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