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  • The reason Ki does so well with rules and loopholes was because she dealt with them a lot at home.
    Ki: I request a performance review.
    Mr. Swan: This isn't up for discussion.
    Ki: Article 44A Section G of the Swan family contract states, "If Ki feels her parents are being mean and unreasonable she can request an official review of her performance."
  • Ted's victory against the entire drifting club, starting from last, may seem far-fetched, but even his opponents seem to forget Ted has the best vehicle from "Purgatorio," giving him an advantage no other gamer in existence has ever had, on top of his own abilities.
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  • The reason Shane is the only person who can apparently see throught Shot Bot's Paper-Thin Disguise is that he's also infiltrating the school under an assumed identity.
  • Ted's rather clingy personality, as well as his anger at Brian when this aspect gets called out, makes a lot of sense when you realize that among his many abusive traits, Freddie has never said anything positive about Ted to his face that wasn't manipulation, has made him live alone with little-to-no contact since he was ten years old, and the only time Ted's had anything positive said to him by his father was from the pre-recorded winner messages on one of Freddie's games. Given this, it's really no wonder Ted is so clingy.
  • Coach Matrix seems to Take a Level in Kindness after Freddie Wong's death, and tries to reach out to Jenny, despite the fact she was leaving soon. Given how she was very similar to Freddie in the way she treated Jenny, his death likely opened her eyes to just how much she needs to be a better mom, given how quickly it came after.

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