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  • The splash for Episode 02 has N mimic Vanille's pose in official renders.
  • In episode 03 Cheren dresses as Miles Edgeworth for Halloween. His Snivy is even named Edgeworth. In the same episode, we find out Bel's starter is a Tepig named Ms. Piggy. In episode 13, we find out that Cheren also has a Purrloin named Sissel.
    • Chapter 26 reveal that all of Cheren's Pokémon are named after Capcom characters. (An Unfezant named Phoenix, A Simipour named Rikuo, a Haxorus named Bison and a Gigalith named Rockman)
  • N receives his Menger sponge in episode 04; it's referred to as a companion cube.
  • Episode 05 ends with an extended reference to the first episode of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
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  • Episode 07 features "N" written in a Gothic font.
  • Episode 08 features Meloetta singing Madonna's "Bedtime Story".
  • Episode 10 operates on Jet Set Radio references.
  • Episode 14 has Black and N wear Celty's and Vorona's outfits after transforming.
  • Episode 15 has most of the Cardcaptor Sakura wardrobe in one scene, and Arti calling Elesa a stupid bitch.
  • Episode 16 shows that missingno!Mary's powers are manifested through her eye, much like Black★Rock Shooter.
  • Episode 17 features N singing Marceline's Fry Song and Black and N in costumes from Shadow of the Colossus.
  • Episode 19 then had Dirk's Darumaka do Finn's baby dance.
  • Episode 20 has Black and N cosplaying as Jeanne and Bayonetta, respectively and Skyla's Swanna is nicknamed Nina.
  • In Episode 21, when Black is walking out of the shower, his naughty bits are censored by Chris Hansen's face.
    • Earlier in the episode, there's also a reference to the 60s Spider-Man meme, in which Kcalb states, "This is bullshit. You can't ground Kcalb.
  • Episode 22 is titled "Mister Despair" and has Cheren dressed as Itoshiki-Sensei.
  • Episode 23 has Mr. Misnomer Alder inform Black that there's a blizzard happening outside and "Also, Kyubey is out there."
    • Even before that, he describes the weather outside as frightful.
    • There is also Alder calling Hachiku Hameru.
    • Bel, when asking about Kyurem phrases it as "Who's that Pokémon?".
    • Black and Joy transform into Sailor Scouts. Later on in the chapter in the confrontation with Kyurem, N, Black, and Joy are lifted up and raised to Kyurem's level on an ice pillar a la the first season's ending, and Kyurem sends Joy over its edge, causing Black to leap after him like the ending of SuperS. And Black's finishing attack? Black Gorgeous Penetration.
  • Episode 25 features Shopping Mall Nine, which has several clothing brands from The World Ends with You. The chapter quickly turns into Costume Porn for clothes from the game.
  • Episode 26 has Black and N in Utena and Anthy's outfits in the Dreamworld.


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