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Snow White married Prince Charming and started a family. The evil witch-queen sent them to enchanted sleep until present-day America. She and a dwarf named Luther get sent forward the same way. Result? A Fish out of Temporal Water Sitcom, which aired on ABC in 1987–88.

This show contains examples of:

  • Christmas Episode: In the second season we got "Yes Lillian, There Really Is a Santa Claus" wherein Lillian ruins the family's first modern Christmas only to lead to an Or Was It a Dream? situation when she has a vivid vision of meeting the real Saint Nick. Which leads to Saving Christmas, which leads to a rare sympathetic, sweet moment for Lillian.
  • Credit Card Plot: The family runs up a huge debt after their neighbor introduces them to credit cards. Fortunately, they have a closet full of gold bars to pay it off.
  • Fantastic Comedy: The show premise.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: The main characters were from 15th Century France. A Disney version of 15th Century France.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Eric Charming gets Snow White a car for her birthday, although neither of them really understands how it works. One scene has their children running up to Snow after having watched their father work on the car. One of the children says to Snow that Eric became angry working on the car and yelled out "Fiddlesticks", whereupon Snow covers his mouth and admonishes, "The F-Word!"
  • Mock Headroom: In one episode, the Magic Mirror wears a blonde wig in front of a moving lines background while inside a computer screen.
  • Orphaned Setup: In one episode, the family is hosting a Halloween party. When a giant shows up, Prince Charming and Snow White go off to handle the situation, leaving Luther in charge.
    Luther: What should I do?
    Prince Charming: Tell them a ghost story.
    Luther: (to kids) OK, two ghosts walk into a bar...
  • Sealed Cast in a Multipack: The show had a similar premise to the Captain Marvel example listed in the page: the evil Witch put a spell on everyone (accidentally including herself) go to sleep and to wake up in 400 years.
  • Table Top RPG: At the end of one episode, the neighbors invite the Prince and Snow over for a game of Dungeons & Dragons. And wouldn't you know it, Prince Charming already has his gear in the closet.
  • Urban Fantasy