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  • When Eric gets fed up with with a second-hand car he recently purchased, and its profoundly unhelpful seller, he turns to his wife for advice on what to do.
    Snow: What would have happened if merchant Tupper had behaved as this man does?
    Eric: He wouldn't. People would tell the town crier, and no-one would buy his wares.
    Snow: <sly smile>
    Eric: <thoughtful expression followed by sly smile>
Later, in the used car dealer's office, Eric walks in, in a five hundred dollar suit. Wearing his signet ring. With all his royal manner in place. This is not Eric Charming, naive suburban patsy. This is Prince Eric, commander of the the host, defender of the realm, heir to the throne, and he looks at the dealer the way he'd look at something that needs to be scraped off his shoe.
Eric: Where I am from, if a merchant behaved as shamefully as you have, people would tell the town crier, and his name would be reviled throughout the land.
Dealer, smirking: Well, I don't see any town criers around here.
Eric: Perhaps you have not been looking in the right places.
A woman in casual dress enters, with a pencil and notepad. Then a man in a business suit enters, carrying a briefcase. Finally, a professionally dressed woman enters, with a cameraman, and a lighting man, and a microphone handler. As they come in, Eric introduces them.
Eric: This is the consumer affairs reporter from our local newspaper. This is the lawyer from the Better Business Bureau. This is the six o'clock news crew.
The dealer has now realized exactly how deep he's in.
Dealer: And this is your dealer, prepared to fully honour his guarantee as given.
  • Lillian once successfully cast spells at The Devil. Though she didn't know it at the time.

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