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Game Show from Woody Fraser Productions that ran on The Family Channel from 1995-97. Two families consisting of two adults and four children played against each other in a variety of rotating stunts and quizzes for points. The family with the most points after seven stunts won the game and "The Family Challenge Championship Cup".

In Season 2, the show moved to Universal Studios, became The New Family Challenge and Michael Burger took over hosting. Families now had two adults and three children playing. On Fridays towards the end of the run, Burger picked contestants out of the audience to do stunts.


Game Show Tropes in use:

  • Covered in Gunge: A staple of kids' shows at the time, usually having the kids getting their parents messy. The show also had the Gunk Tank, recycled from the Pie Slide on What Would You Do?.
  • Personnel:
    • The Announcer: Gene Wood in the first season (this would be his last show), Charlie Glaize in the second.
    • Game Show Host: Ray Combs in the first season (this was also his last show), Michael Burger in the second.
    • Studio Audience: Present in both seasons. In the Burger era, audience members would be called down to participate on Friday shows.
  • Rules Spiel: Done to introduce each stunt.


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