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Emperors and Me (Chinese: 众王驾到) is a 2019 Chinese series.

An ordinary college student who discovers that she has the power to travel through time mistakenly brings back three emperors from their respective dynasties to the present day.

In order to help her roommate Fei Yan cope with heartbreak, Luo Xi who is in her senior year of university runs into trouble. The debacle ends with Luo Xi and her friend Le Xue falling off a building. By a miracle, they survive and find themselves within the pages of the novel Qian Guo Ji.Qian Guo Ji is set in the continent of Xia Zhou, and revolves around dynastic changes that spans a thousand years. Luo Xi and Le Xue meet young emperor Qin Shang of Qi. Being pursued by Qin Shang's army, Luo Xi manages to return to the present at the most crucial moment. She brings back Qin Shang with her and realizes that Le Xue has been left inside the book.


There are a total of 24 episodes aired that lasts from January 9th, 2019 to Feb 7th, 2019. The first episode aired on January 9th, 2019 on Mango TV Drama Channel.

This show provides examples of:

  • Accidental Murder: Luo Xi's past life accidentally murder a clansman who attempted to rape her.
  • Bittersweet Ending: After Qin Shang, Mu Rong Yu, and Guo Yan are willing to give their modern life in order to save Luo Xi by reset by a half of year before they met her. As the result, all three of them return to their respective timelines and meet their own tragic fates. At else Le Xue is able to live a happily life and living with her boyfriend, He Mo with no memories after time resets she had suffer. The last scene shown of both Luo Xi and Qin Shang somehow regain their memories of each other. She later meets an unseen man at her work office and she heard a familiar voice telling her that it's nice to meet her and long time no see with Luo Xi smiling at him. It implies it's either Shang's current reincarnation, Lei Lei or Pan Huan's reincarnation, who has retain all the memories of Qin Shang, Mu Rong Yu, and Guo Yan's memories before time reset.
  • Death Seeker: After spending thousand years, Le Xue desire to die in a peace without any suffering since it been too much without aging.
    • Foreshadowing: Le Xue mentions to Luo Xi about 600 years ago, where she mentions Qin Shang did return to his time after a half of year has passed, but he become a complete different person and he doesn't remember Luo Xi. It implies he reason he become like this might be result of his break up with her or worse.
  • Interspecies Romance: Pan Huan (God) and Luo Xi's past life (Human).
  • Mistaken for Gay: This happen to Qin Shang twice.
    • In the first episode, she thinks Qin Shang might be gay since in Records of a Thousand Nations mentions that he has no heir, abdicated for another Emperor and liven the rest of his life unmarried.
    • When he tried hold Mu Rong Yu down in Luo Xi's room, she and her two roommates mistaken thought he's raping Mu Rong Yu.
  • Important Haircut:
    • In Episode 9, Mu Rong Yu decides to cut his hair after he decides to live in the modern world instead of finding a way to return his own time.
    • In the same episode, Qin Shang decides to get a cut hair since he become jealous on how Luo Xi taking a liking to Mu Rong Yu's haircut.
    • In Episode 15, Guo Yan decides to cut his hair after his lung cancer is cured and accept his new life in the modern world.
  • Love at First Sight: The moment Qin Shang saw Luo Xi in a dream they share together, he become interest in her when they met in person.
  • Not Blood Siblings Mu Rong Yu and Le Xue are not related to each other since Le Xue took him in when he was 14. He only sees Le Xue as his adoptive sister and he loves her dearly.
  • Official Couple: Luo Xi and Qin Shang become a couple in Episode 16.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Luo Xi and He Mo are best friends and they don't have romantic feelings for each other.
  • Plot Allergy: Qin Shang is allergic to seasonal spices that makes his neck hitch and a high fever.
  • Reincarnation Romance: Luo Xi and Qin Shang. Luo Xi's past life was a villager and Qin Shang's life as the God of Time, Pan Huan, who love each other until tragic fate where he have to sacrifice his life to restore his lover's soul who damaged by the Chaos.
  • Running Gag: Where Luo Xi tells the three emperors they were teleport in the modern world is heaven. However, Guo Yan doesn't buy it at all since he's too smart to fault for it.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Both Qin Shang, Mu Rong Yu, and Guo Yan only has eyes on Luo Xi. It make senses they are the split conscious of Pan Huan.
  • The Scapegoat: The sister of Luo Xi's past life (Le Xue's past life) was willing to take the blame for killing a clansman instead of her. As the result, she was torture and killed by the clansmen. This was the only reason why Luo Xi's past life wanted to travel through time and save her sister.
  • Spit Take: Luo Xi's reaction when Qin Shang wants to marry her and make her his queen in the first episode.
  • The Un-Reveal:
    • It is never mention why Qin Shang become a different person after he return to his own time after a half of year has passed.
    • In the series finale, the unseen person that Luo Xi saw at her office was really Shang's descendant or Pan Huan's reincarnation who has all of Shang's memories with Luo Xi.
  • Time Travel: Luo Xi has ability to travel different time eras where the three emperors come from.

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