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Roleplay / Aut Omnia Aut Nihil

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All of this has happened before, and if all goes as planned it will happen again.

Aut Omnia, aut Nihil—the Ballad of Genesis, is a fairly popular Play-by-Post Game started by our very own ill-tempered amphibian SullenFrog.

The concept is simple enough. A Reckoning in Heaven is plaguing many universes, and the Creator of these universes have lost their power to save them. The damage is too severe for the servant Angels of the Creator to fix and many Earths will be destroyed in the process. Billions of humans and animals will die, consumed and destroyed by the chaos soon to come.


But there is hope.

While they have no recollection of this event, at some point in their pasts—likely shortly after their births, though there may be exceptions—a young group of people were taken from their parents, family or friends by a mysterious cult and forcibly infused with the latent essence of an Old God, one of the many deities, demons and spirits who held sway over mankind before the Abrahamic faiths, Buddhism and Hinduism grew into the dominant religions of the world. The divine essence that courses through their blood is awoken when their are invited by a black envelope to a strange building in their town of Genesis Springs, known as Aut Omnia, aut Nihil.

Their worlds have ended, and they have taken on new forms, becoming one with gods of many religions and mythologies, with the task of creating and shaping new worlds and gaining worshipers in however way they see fit. But they are not alone...There are other people who have been given godly power, and who want those same worshipers, and those same worlds, for themselves. And this new group of inexperienced Gods will have to master their power if all of existence ever has any hope of surviving...


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