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Recap / Veronica Mars S 01 E 12 Clash Of The Tritons

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Veronica and a kid wearing an MIT sweatshirt who's playing chess against himself are sitting in the school administration office. Veronica muses how Rebecca, the school guidance counselor, is doing a study on the long term effects grief has on teens, and is using those who were hit hardest by Lily's death as her model. Veronica's thoughts are interrupted by a group of high school boys streaking in the hallway. She and the MIT kid share a chuckle at how they can't wait to get out. Veronica continues musing that while she originally was going to decline her session with Rebecca, she had a thought. Just then, Rebecca calls Veronica into her office.


Rebecca mentions how inconsolable Veronica was when Lily died, and it's better for her to talk about it. Veronica, however, is more interested in fiddling with Rebecca's stapler, which she "drops", so she can pick up an identical stapler with a bug planted inside and put that one on Rebecca's desk. Veronica also tells Rebecca the only way she's going to find closure about Lily's death isn't by talking about it, but by seeing Lily's killer behind bars. She then leaves.

Meanwhile, Rick (JD Pardo), another student, gets called into Vice Principal Clemmons' office. There, Clemmons and Sheriff Lamb confront Rick about how he and his friend Tim went bar-hopping the night before, but Tim had too much to drink and is now in a coma. Rick admits he got fake IDs, and Lamb tells Rick he's not leaving the room until he gives up the person who made them. In a weird cut, we see just Rick's mouth as he says, "Veronica Mars." Lamb, predictably, looks thrilled.


Sure enough, Veronica stops by her locker to see Clemmons and Lamb waiting for her. She opens up her locker while telling them there's nothing to find, but when the locker opens, several fake IDs come spilling out. Veronica claims they're not hers, but when Lamb searches her purse, he finds Lily's old ID and a fake ID Veronica has for herself. Clemmons tells Veronica she's suspended for three days as Lamb gleefully cuffs her. To add insult to injury, Veronica ends up doing a Perp Walk in front of many of her classmates, who are happy to see this, particularly Logan.

Cliff comes by the sheriff's station to tell Veronica he posted her bail. He also tells her the IDs in her purse are small potatoes, but the ones in the locker mean intent to distribute, which means jail time. He also mentions Veronica's court date is the following Tuesday, and he points out Rick to her, since he's also at the sheriff's. Veronica corners Rick and asks him why he fingered her; he stammers and claims "they" made him do it, and he can't talk about it. Veronica says she'll see him at school the next day.


At Mars Investigations, Wallace gives Veronica her books and homework assignments. Veronica asks Wallace if he can try and get a fake ID for her. Wallace jokes about doing it only if he can seduce the head cheerleader, but agrees.

The next day, Logan is driving into school when he hears a call-in radio show talking about Aaron being stabbed at his Christmas party, as well as the infidelities that exposed. Once inside school, Logan discovers a number of tabloid articles and pictures about the incident taped to his locker, and Hector, one of the PCHers, makes a remark about Lynn. Logan responds by getting into a fight with Hector until the gym teacher breaks it up.

Later, Weevil stops by Rebecca's office. He claims not to remember the week Lily was killed, and he claims he was more upset by the fact a little girl from his neighborhood went missing and was killed around the same time, and no one cared about that. As Rebecca tries to assure him that people did care, we see Veronica is in her car, hidden underneath a blue tarp, and is listening in. Rebecca reads a letter Weevil wrote to Lily about how Lily broke his heart by leaving him. She also says Lily wanted to be transferred out of PE because of Weevil, and Weevil responds he would never have hurt Lily. When Rebecca asks why he wrote the letter, Weevil tearfully admits how hurt he was when Lily left him to go back to Logan after swearing she wouldn't, and that he, Weevil, could have loved Lily. Veronica is stunned by this, and wonders if this was the "secret" Lily was keeping from her.

During lunch, Veronica calls Rick and they meet in her car, still covered by the tarp. Veronica asks again who "they" were that framed her, and Rick mentions the Tritons, a secret society at Neptune High that all the rich kids belong to. Rick says he and Tim were pledges, and the night he and Tim got drunk was part of a hazing ritual. He also says the note that summoned him to Clemmons' office the next day had Veronica's name written on it, and if he says anything, his life will be over. Veronica tells him that won't cut it, and Rick admits he knows that know. He tells her the names of the other pledges, among them Duncan, and Veronica figures she can follow Duncan to find the Tritons. She plants a tracking device on Duncan's car.

Later, Aaron picks Logan up from the administration office. He tells Logan he's not suspended, but Clemmons wants the two of them and Lynn back at school on Friday for a conference. Aaron also tells Logan while he doesn't condone his actions, he's proud of Logan for sticking up for Lynn, but Logan doesn't want to hear it. Aaron is about to threaten Logan when Lynn calls them from the car, asking if everything's okay.

At Mars Investigations, Veronica greets Cliff, but is momentarily flummoxed when she sees Keith, who had been chasing a bail jumper. She tells Keith she was framed, but he and Cliff both tell her Tim's parents are suing everybody, including them.

Later, Aaron drops by Mars Investigations. Keith asks after him, and Aaron admits he's doing okay under the circumstances, but wants Keith to find out who's leaking private information about him to the tabloids. Keith agrees to look into it.

At her apartment that night, Veronica is reading about Triton when Wallace stops by, telling her no one knew anything about fake IDs, but someone tried to buy a six pack of beer at Sack-and-Pack earlier. When Wallace confronted the person, he found out there's a mystery locker in school where you can drop $250 and your name in an envelope, and that afternoon, you'll receive a fake ID in your own locker. When Veronica asks Wallace to put $250 in the mystery locker to see if it works, Wallace responds, "Hell no. I'm using your money.", which makes Veronica laugh.

That night, Veronica sneaks into school. She notices the Triton symbol in the school hallway, which makes her wonder how she missed it before. She sets up a camera inside a display case that will shoot the locker in question, and the next day, we see Wallace dropping an envelope inside that locker.

Later that day, it's Logan's turn at Rebecca's office, and once again, we see Veronica listening in from her car. Logan mentions though he and Lily were off and on, the week she died would have been their second anniversary if they hadn't currently been off. When Rebecca asks why they were off, Logan tells her about a party Lily didn't go to because she was pissed at Logan for something - he can't remember what - Logan got drunk, kissed another girl, and Veronica saw it happen. When Rebecca asks if he blames Veronica, Logan emotionally confesses he blames Veronica, himself for being stupid, and Lily for being a bitch. Veronica looks stunned.

At Veronica's apartment that night, Wallace comes by and shows her the fake ID, which is so poorly made that Veronica claims, "Now I'm not just falsely accused, I'm genuinely offended.'' She tells Wallace the tracker indicates Duncan is at a club, and asks Wallace if she wants to come along.

Outside the club, Veronica warns Wallace the Tritons are bad news, and he should be careful...only to find out the club is having a karaoke night. Duncan is finishing up an out-of-tune rendition of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" when they arrive, and the judges give him low scores. Veronica tries to confront Duncan about the Tritons, but he speaks in nonsense verse. Veronica gets disgusted and sits down. After listening to a few more bad singers, Veronica decides it's time to leave, which is when Duncan gives her a note from "The Great Triton" that says, "You shall hear my voice once I've heard yours." Just then, the karaoke MC calls up Veronica. She's surprised, but sings an energetic version of Blondie's "One Way or Another". She exits the stage to applause and good scores from the judges, and the MC gives her a note, which tells her to meet "The Great Triton" alone in the men's bathroom. Once there, she tries to question "The Great Triton" about the fake IDs, but it turns out to be a kid who Duncan paid $20 to prank Veronica.

The next day, Veronica sneaks into school to get the film from her camera, and is confronted by Rick, who tells her the Tritons know he's been talking to her. Veronica reminds him about the lawsuit and says they'll be okay.

Later, Duncan stops by Rebecca's office. As Veronica listens again, Duncan tells Rebecca about how Lily used to make a face that would always crack him up, and that he still thinks Lily is watching her. Rebecca isn't concerned about that - she says it just sounds like Duncan misses Lily - but is slightly alarmed when Duncan says he stopped taking his medication. He clarifies he's only stopped taking anti-deppresants. Rebecca says the medication probably stopped him from fully processing Lily's death, and Duncan mentions he doesn't really remember what happened the day Lily died. Veronica, who's wondering what kind of medication Duncan does take, is interrupted by a knock on her car door. She assumes it's Wallace, but it's the Tritons, who pull the tarp away, open the door, and grab Veronica.

Some time later, Veronica wakes up in the trunk of her car. She calls Wallace, who comes by and opens the trunk. Wallace asks what happened, and Veronica promises to explain once she gets finds out where the Tritons are meeting. As she turns the car on, she hears from the radio (which she had been using to listen to Rebecca's meetings) the Tritons chanting inside the school. She creeps into the school and sees the Tritons gathered in the main hallway, with the pledges wearing one set of hooded robes, and the Tritons wearing a different color of hooded robes. As the Tritons congratulate the pledges and everyone takes off their robes (revealing Duncan as one of the pledges and the MIT kid Veronica was waiting with at the beginning as one of the Tritons), Veronica takes their picture:

After snapping a few photos, she runs out, with the Tritons chasing after her. She reaches her car before they do, and Wallace drives them off.

At her apartment later that night, Wallace congratulates himself for driving away that fast. Veronica looks at the footage from her video camera, and to her puzzlement, no one went near it. She asks Wallace if it's a top locker, and when he says yes, Veronica says she's figured it out.

At Mars Investigations the next day, Aaron stops by, and Keith says he's found out who's been feeding the tabloids information, but warns Aaron he's not going to like the answer.

Meanwhile, Veronica stops by the sheriff's office, and promises Lamb the real culprit will stop by before 5 pm that day; if he doesn't, Veronica promises to accept whatever punishment the law throws at her. Lamb reluctantly agrees. Veronica tells him to pick out a name from the yearbook, drop the name and money in an envelope in the mystery locker (locker 110), and the kid will have a fake ID, while she is waiting in the sheriff's department. After Lamb leaves, Veronica calls Rick and tells him to stop by the sheriff's later to confront the real bad guy.

Outside Clemmons' office, Aaron angrily confronts Lynn for being the one to feed the tabloids the information, and Lynn snaps she just wanted to hurt Aaron like he hurt her. Aaron threatens to cut his wife off completely, and Logan snaps, "Dad, you say another word to her and I will kill you." Lynn says she can't take anymore, and leaves, with Aaron following. Lynn gets into her car, swallows some pills, and drives off.

Back at the sheriff's, Veronica is still lounging when Rick arrives. Veronica then fingers him as the culprit. Deputy Sachs comes by, telling Lamb the fake ID was there just as Veronica said. Rick denies it, but Veronica asks about the money in his wallet. When Lamb looks at the money in Rick's wallet, he discovers a $50 with something written on it:

Veronica reveals the locker was over Rick's locker, and he's reach in to get the IDs. She also accuses Rick of using their own fake IDs, and only blaming the Tritons because he didn't get in, like the rest of his family did. She then asks why Rick blamed her; Rick angrily tells her Keith busted his father for embezzling money, but he was only taking what he had been cheated out of, and Keith had ruined their lives. Veronica drops her head.

In the Neptune High parking lot, Veronica approaches Duncan. She gives him the pictures she took, and apologizes for suspecting the Tritons. He tells her he heard Tim came out of his coma, and jokingly denies any knowledge of the Tritons. As he drives off, Veronica ponders about the medications he's taking.

On a bridge, Lynn's car has been abandoned, and a helicopter radio reports it.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Call-Back: We finally learn the extent of Lily and Weevil's relationship, and hear more about the hallucinations Duncan has.
  • The Cast Showoff: Kristen Bell is a talented singer, and gets to show it off here.
  • Foreshadowing: Obviously, Lynn's car being abandoned, but also the party Logan mentioned.
  • Feuding Families / Cycle of Revenge: The person who framed Veronica did so because Keith Mars had had their father arrested for embezzlement.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Hilariously averted:
    Veronica: (voiceover) I’m sure the Triton leaders consider this initiation painful for their pledges but honestly, aren’t we the true victims?
  • Literary Allusion Title: The episode title is a play on Clash of the Titans, which starred Harry Hamlin.
  • Product Placement: Averted with Keith's water bottles, which don't have any labels.
  • Secret Circle of Secrets: Ultimately subverted; the Tritons are nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Shout-Out: Wallace claims he was like Shaft when confronting the kid with the fake ID, to which Veronica replies, "Shut yo' mouth!"

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