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Recap / The Rising of the Shield Hero

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This is the recap page for the anime of The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Warning: On these recap pages, all spoilers will be left unmarked.

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     Season 1, Episode 1: The Shield Hero 
Iwatani Naofumi is an ordinary otaku who finds a manga in the library that summons him to another world. He is tasked with joining three others summoned to become the Four Cardinal Heroes to fight the Waves of Catastrophe as the Shield Hero. But while he is initially excited at going on a grand adventure, he soon finds himself robbed of his belongings outside the Shield and accused of rape by the woman adventurer who agreed to work with him. Losing trust in everyone he acquires a slave named Raphtalia to fight the Waves so he can return to his home world.
  • False Rape Accusation: Naofumi is accused of rape by Myne, his attractive red-haired adventuring partner, and his pleas to the contrary are ignored. Even the blacksmith who was initially friendly toward him initially believes the slander, though he quickly realizes Naofumi is innocent. The accusation turns him against the King, the other Heroes, and most of the populace.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Averted. Naofumi was attracted to Myne during their time together and even swore to himself to protect her. The keyword being was.
  • Human Traffickers: Played With - The kingdom Naofumi finds himself trapped in practices human supremacy and BeastMan and Demihuman are offered as slaves to perform menial labor or serve as body guards. They are sealed with a curse that forces obedience.
    • At the end of the episode, Naofumi comes across a shady merchant offering slaves for sale. While Naofumi initially rejects the offer, when the Slave Trader points out that slaves cannot lie or betray their masters, Naofumi chooses to listen and looks over the slaves.
  • The Multiverse: The first clue we get that the series has one is that each of the heroes come from a version of Japan where historical events happened differently.
  • Otaku: It seems all four of the Heroes summoned to the fantasy world are otaku, with three of them having been exposed to this world through various forms of computer games or virtual reality.
  • Trapped in Another World: Naofumi finds himself transported to another world where he's expected to help save the world from strange portals in the air that allow monsters to invade the world. After he is falsely accused of rape, he insists on being sent back home only to learn he can't be sent home until the Waves are defeated.

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