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Trivia / The Rising of the Shield Hero

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Some fans call this series as "Shield Bro". They also tend to call Raphtalia "Sword Sis".
    • Due to the explosion of Raphtalia's popularity, fans have given her names like "Raccoon Waifu".
    • Being a large bird that functions as a mount and beast of burden, as well as having a human form resembling a young girl has earned Filo the nickname "Chocobo Loli".
    • Once Motoyasu's obsession with Filo became known, fans have taken to calling him "Pedoyasu".
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    • Ren has often been nicknamed "Knockoff/Discount/Off-brand Kirito", due to the glaring similarities between himself and said protagonist of Sword Art Online, including sharing the same Japanese voice actor. Even the game Ren liked to play before he was transported to Melromarc was called "Brave Star Online".

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