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Headscratchers / The Rising of the Shield Hero

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  • Just one, but it's a big one: what does everyone have against this guy? Everyone despises him right from the first, no exceptions. Why?
    • They don't really have anything against him specifically. Everybody hates him because he's the Shield Hero. The Shield Hero has historically always been loved and worshiped as the personal hero of demi-humans, whom everybody in that specific kingdom hate with a burning passion. So since he's the Shield Hero, they want to do everything they can to ruin him... and in the process are turning him into the very hero of demi-humans they want to prevent.
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    • Read the manga or the LN. There are some characters thath hate him because they're proyecting their hatred of demi-humans onto the figure of the Shield Hero. Others hate him because of the political reason mentioned above.