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Recap / The Rising of the Shield Hero S1E14 "Everlasting Memory"

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Due to Myne recklessly starting a massive forest fire, Naofumi and his party are forced to flee to a village at the base of the mountain. However, it won't be easy to break through the Knights' net. Melty suggests going to the nearby manor of a nobleman she knows for help, and it just so happens that Raphtalia's past is linked to his domain.

Tropes for this episode include:

  • Accomplice by Inaction: When Melty hears about what happened to Raphtalia, she feels partially responsible because the country's nobility did nothing to stop it, promising to bring the soldiers who raided and enslaved her people to justice after all of this is over. It also does not help that her own father's racist actions led to her enslavement.
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  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Idol Rabier is a Fat Bastard noble and Three Heroes Church fanatic that bought and sold Raphtalia and her friends into slavery, has Van Reichnott tortured in front of Melty and intended on giving her to the Church after torturing her himself.
  • Big WHAT: Idol's reaction to finding out that Naofumi broke into his mansion for Melty.
  • Carrying the Antidote: Naofumi poisons a guard with his snake shield and offers to give him the antidote for Melty's location.
  • Dirty Coward: Idol talks tough and waxes poetic on how much he loves committing Cold-Blooded Torture, but when Raphtalia doesn't cower from his whip and cuts it in half, he wastes no time and groveling pathetically for his life.
  • Fantastic Racism: After the Lord of the Seaetto was killed in the first wave, King Aultcrey had his allies banished for their pro-demihuman political views. It was after this when Raphtalia's village was hit by rioters and she and the remaining villagers were sold into slavery by soldiers.
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  • Frame-Up: Malty and the Church has the forest set aflame to try and smoke Naofumi's party out, only to later say that Naofumi set the fire to cover their tracks.
  • Nice Guy: Van Reichnott is one of the few nobles who wasn't banished by the king for his pro-demihuman opinions, offering Naofumi and his party sanctuary even after he was made a criminal of the state.
  • Obliviously Evil: While Malty and the Church are actively trying to paint the Shield Hero as a Card-Carrying Villain, the King is being used as a pawn, thinking that Melty really was kidnapped and that it only confirms his preconceived assumptions about the Shield Hero.


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