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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth getting summoned as a hero for is here.

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    General Fics 
The Lost Heir by Uzofire
  • Recommended by: Aoneko
  • Status: Hiatus, undergoing total rewrite
  • Tags: Next generation spinoff, heteromance, web/light novel spoilers
  • Synopsis: Two decades after the War of Worlds (the final battle against Medea), all is well in Melromarc. That is, until a favored son and heir disappears without a trace. A story about life, love, and letting go as one band (a sister, a lover, a best friend, and a reporter) set out in search of the person that was lost to the world. [Contains elements from both the web and light novels.]

Ambition of the Red Princess by Qinlongfei

  • Recomended by: LordVectorum84
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Malty S. Melromarc, the selfish and scheming first princess of Melromarc, suddenly finds herself at a loss when her father summoned all four Legendary Heroes. Following father and the Church's plan to frame the Shield Hero is easy and comfortable, but will it fulfill her life-long ambition to become the next queen?
  • Comments: Considering how universally Malty is despised, it's interesting to have a story driven from her perspective. Malty remains every bit as ambitious and ruthless, but gets more insight into her character and motivation. She also sticks with Naofumi this time around, which makes me interested to see if her character will grow and change as the story progresses and what effects her presence will have on the narrative.
    • Similarly, not only is it a ballsy move to even attempt this kind of fanfiction, but the changes made to Malty herself may be seen by some (myself included) as an improvement to what was considered a somewhat underwhelming villain in canon. It helps that fleshing her out, grounding her characterization in reality, and making her semi-likable to the audience (rather than keeping her a one-note Hate Sink to be pathetically disposed of) will add to an entertaining experience, especially concerning the main villain. I second this recommendation, especially if you're looking for something that breaks the mold. -AceTriad.

Everything (Goes) In Fantasy-Land by Rokko Hera

  • Recommended by: konekootome
  • Status: Complete
  • Tags: Discussions of sexual assault, homosexual sex, dubious consent, mind control
  • Synopsis: Itsuki thought this was following the rails of every cliche RPG plot: of the weird one is the traitor. But Itsuki and the other heroes get a cold splash of reality when Naofumi is dragged to his "trial" naked with marks of sexual battery, covered in slave brands and under the influence of a spell...
  • Comments: Having Malty's plot flipped on her is glorious. Having three Japanese men trying to wrap their heads around having one of their own raped and nearly enslaved while trying to delicately tread the topic and investigate what happened is rather moving. Having Naofumi finally get laid and have no idea what's going on is uncomfortably hilarious.

Hope of the Shield Hero by Allen Blaster

  • Recommended by: Milarqui, Eviler Than Thou, Robinton
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Naofumi Iwatani was summoned to Melromarc as the Shield Hero. Everything looked great... until he overheard Itsuki and Motoyasu talking about parties sharing experience from kills outside his inn room. He then finds out some stuff from his help guide that Malty hadn't told him about. In going to Malty to ask his questions, he eavesdrops in her conversation with a nun from the Church of the Three Heroes and learns more than he wanted to hear. Not wanting to stay and wait to be arrested and tried unfairly, he runs away from the Capital. Now a criminal on the run, Naofumi has to do his best to avoid the Church and the King outside the waves. And find someone who, slave crest or not, will help him to overcome his own trials and pains past and present, and restore that which he thought he lost a long time ago. Hope.
  • Comments: Pure chance allows Naofumi to learn secrets about certain vital strategies that have been hidden from him - and about the Church of the Three Heroes' conspiracy. Going on the run before Malty can get him arrested gives him enough time to buy Raphtalia and hightail it from Melromarc before it is too late. While still suffering from the emotional backlash of this betrayal, Naofumi is better prepared to deal with the world - and to understand his connection with Raphtalia.

Shield-Kid-s-Bizarre-Adventure by Allen Blaster and RL Tygurr

  • Recommended by: Shiro Kun, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Naofumi Iwatani was your typical 10-year-old kid. Young, energetic, and so done with boring old school. Now, he's been summoned to another world as the Shield Hero! Watch as our innocent young hero goes around in this new world. Causing all sorts of trouble on this adventure alongside his kid friend Raphtalia!
  • Comments: Due to Naofumi's age change, there have been many changes to the story, including King Melromarc and the other heroes taking a liking to the boy. As a warning, this story is full of goofy and WAFFy moments, so if that is not your cup of tea, you should try another story. There are moments that get a little more dark, but for the most part it is a much happier version of the tale we're all familiar with.

Chronicles Of The Wayward Tome Hero by LoneTaker

  • Recommended by: Psychoman13
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Rising of the Shield Hero Self-Insert. A Korean high-schooler from California, a sentient grimoire with an appetite for flesh, two demi-human slave/companions/only friends, a flock of birds who all have eyeballs for heads, and an imp who claims to be the god of all Space-Time all walk towards a hellhole of an isekai genre. This outta be fun...

Ascent of the Shield Maiden by ChibiFoxAI

  • Recommended by: StrawberryFireball
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Tags: Alternate Universe, Gender Bender, heteromance, Spoilers for the Light Novel, Discussions of sexual assault, slavery, murder
  • Synopsis: Running away from home was never the answer, but if it was the only way to avoid an arranged marriage then Naofumi Iwatani was going to take it! She just never expected to be sucked into another world full of knights, monsters, magic, and politics with nothing but the clothes on her back and whatever she took to runaway with. L'Arc Berg was the King of Shroud and tasked with protecting his world from the Waves of Catastrophe, even if it meant betraying newly made friends and destroying universes. He's done it before and he won't hesitate to do it again. Too bad that he didnít count on a backstabbing royal family and a girl with a broken heart to throw a wrench in his plans. Too bad they didnít count on forming attachments either.
  • Comments: A universe where Naofumi was born the opposite gender and ended up with L'Arc, Glass, and Therese as her teammates plus the early appearance of other characters as well. This is currently the longest ongoing fanfic for Shield Hero for the genderbend genre. The world building is good and more details are given the the backstories of some of the side and main characters. While the writing can be a bit clunky and there are schedule slips and sometimes multiple chapters posted at a time since the author is writing multiple fics at the same time, the story has a solid plot for the most part. It also seems to be part of a series.

Promotion to Queen by Seeker1629

  • Recommended by: Crusader Jerome
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Malty and Jessica are fused, and the world goes off its rails. Watch as a more competent, ruthless and active Princess of Melromarc disrupts the world.
  • Comments: Malty inherits the Vassal Cane after her father is assassinated, but her soul is overwritten with an SI-OC. Faced with an utter Crapsack World and the fact that her past self already alienated Naofumi, Jessica!Malty decides that the only way she can stop the Final Boss (Medea) is to amass power by taking over the country and escalating from there.
    • Fair warning: Jessica!Malty is the definition of "ends justify the means." On the whole, she remains somewhat sympathetic, but the things she's willing to do to increase her country's chance of survival push that line very hard. The writing quality starts a bit rough, but improves massively over time.

To War by Jingo! To Arms in Dixie! Rise of the Southern Bow! by Z75

  • Recommended by: Dropkick
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Slavery, Racism, Genocide, the kingdom of Melromarc is built on a foundation of rotten ideals and horrible atrocities, so when they summon a Hero with a decidedly...uncomfortable past with these things, well load your muskets, affix bayonets, and prepare to succeed from the Union! Cuz God damn it, he's gonna be on the right side of history for once! Now who's ready for a civil war?
  • Comments: Honestly, a surprisingly good Fanfic that, while doing the classic "replace one Hero with another Character" it does it well, and William is a very compelling character with established motives, and proves to make the story pretty worthwhile. While still in it's very early stages, the story has a lot of potential, and is definitely worth a read.

Family of the Shield by Javetts

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Naofumi and Raphtalia build a party using monsters eggs that becomes more. The shield hero comes to a world with few allies, but if he can't find allies, he'll raise them instead. Watch as the whole surrogate Iwatani family rises.
  • Comment: instead of just Filo, Naofumi decides to raise three more kids. with Monti the Manticore, Teal the living plant, and Leon the dragon, this found family will withstand the Waves and the xenophobes.
    • Now has a tropes page here

Rising of the Shield Slaver by treegirl5

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Synopsis: A darker take where Naofumi sees the value in having multiple raise to be sold at a higher price.

The Legendary Heroes by Brandon Storm 

The Indie Heroes by afonsopinheiropedro

The Blue Rose Sword Hero by Gadget boy

  • Crossover with: Sword Art Online
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Eugeo met his end when he sacrificed himself to seriously injure the Administrator that had brought so much suffering in Underworld. But as Eugeo reunited with the Alice of his youth and started to fade away to the afterlife, he got Summoned to Melromarc to be this World's new Legendary Sword Hero. "Remember Kirito's words... stay cool." 

Progression of the Hourglass by Musaki Dratonen

  • Crossover with: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Homura has once again failed in her quest to stop Walpurgisnacht and save Madoka, but this time when she tries to reset instead of awaking in her hospital room she wakes on an alter with 3 others. What's more, her shield has been replaced with one not her own. How will she survive long enough to return to Madoka?

The Shield's Dragon by Mugiwara N0 Luffy

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Yakuza 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Kazuma Kiryu didn't think he had much left to do in his life in regards to fighting. But as it turns out, he still had a lot more work to do. But this time, he'll be the one to help share the burden with a broken hero. (SPOILER ALERT: Yakuza 6 endgame spoilers)
  • Comments: Julius Harken, a disgraced warlock of the Melromarc Kingdom because of his belief that the Shield Hero is not as horrible as the legend sound, ran away carrying a pair of bracers that were guarded under the kingdom's vault, which is believed to belong to some unknown warrior and presumably they would summon a warrior much like the Legendary Four Heroes, despite none has able to prove it, even assumed that they were fake or just a false legend. As his hometown got raided, Julius desperately tries to use the bracers to summon someone... anyone who would hear his plea. And that's how Kazuma Kiryu, fresh from his Faking the Dead at the game's finale, start his new life, away from Haruka and The Orphanage, as The Weaponless Hero.

Wandering of a Sword Hero by A Dyslexic Writer (link)

  • Recommended by: TheDudeMan400, albertrojas, Robinton
  • Crossover with: Fate/stay night
  • Status: On Hiatus
  • Synopsis: Shirou never expected to be summoned to another world, but now all he wants to do is finish save it so that he could return home to his family. But it order to return home he will first have to survive. First rule of surviving as a summoned hero: don't trust ANYONE.

Rising of the Cute Shield by REDthunderBOAR

  • Recommended by: Izzybelle, Robinton
  • Crossover with: Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: What happens when Maple takes Naofumi's place? Well, a lot of things change actually.
  • Comments: A What If? story, that lets everyone's favorite OP Shield Loli take place of being the Shield Hero, armed with her new shield and her trusty bite, Maple started her misadventures in the new world of Melromarc and beyond! Even with Maple still getting framed with the same "crime" as Naofumi in the first place, this delightful story gives a more light-hearted take of the story of the Shield Hero mostly due Maple's much more positive outlook, cute charm and cheerful personality along with her power of full VIT and unique ways to solo Bosses and her interactions with the other characters (other than Myne/Malty) are mostly improved because of her niceness and cuteness. Also Naofumi is now the gauntlet hero of Faubley with Raphtalia and Non-Filorial Queen!Filo as his party too. A very fun read, if you find the original story a bit too World of Jerkass and dark for your liking.

...Or is He Both? by The Infamous Man

  • Recommended by: Pandemonius_Panda, BobtheBoldore
  • Crossover with: Immortal Hulk
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Synopsis: Doctor Robert "Bruce" Banner was supposed to be dead. He had been several times. But he has come to the startling truth that the Hulk will not let him die. And with this new relationship, he's been summoned by the Kingdom of Melromarc to fight as the Shield Hero. But they may have summoned something worse. What is the Immortal Hulk? And what was brought from beyond the Green Door?
  • Comments: A well-written story for those that are tired of the stations of canon. With characterization that so far shows promise while seamlessly blending in the horror-like aspects of the Immortal Hulk comic with the cynical world of Shield Hero. A good read for those looking for something different from your standard Shield Hero fanfic, just beware of Immortal Hulk spoilers.
  • Can also be read on Space Battles here.

Rise of the Four Heroes by readerdreamer

  • Recommended by: Anna_Nimus, Robinton
  • Crossover with: Sword Art Online
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: First impressions are amazing. If you view someone positively on the first meeting, chances are it would stay like that for a very long time. First impressions are insidious. In a new environment, in a new culture, your first judgment often colors the rest of your experience. First impressions are terrifying. If you view someone as your enemy on the first glance, then most likely they will never become your ally. In that world, in that timeline, first impressions lead the Heroes to split apart (though the conspiracy doesn't help). What if, due to a different Sword Hero, a man isn't vilified on his arrival and the Heroes' eyes are opened to reality that much faster? The system might try to pull us apart, but we will fight together. This is the oath of the Four Heroes.
  • Comments: Cautiously recommended for now by this troper. This fic was written by the same author of a fairly good fic in the My Hero Academia fandom, and while they've been consistently outputting updates daily, the troper's not sure if that will last. However, the quality of what has been released is great and actually fairly original. Following the author's typical flair in canon divergence, due to Eugeo being summoned as the Sword Hero, the plot derails very quickly as the Four Legendary Heroes end up staying together as opposed to splitting apart.

Rising of the Sleeping Soldier by Vanix

  • Recommended by: SpaceCowboy
  • Crossover with: Castlevania (2017)
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: He thought after defeating his father he could finally have a fresh start with his loved ones. Instead he finds himself pulled into another world as their "shield hero." And he would like nothing more than to return home. Unfortunately it seems the world has other plans for him.
  • Comments: A rather interesting character study of Alucard pre-Season 3 where he must adjust to an unfamiliar environment and mechanics. Alucard himself is decently written and his interactions with the Shield Hero characters are a treat. A great read for any fans of either Castlevania or Shield Hero.

King Explosion Murder The Shield Hero by: BKL777

  • Recommended by: Spence95
  • Crossover with: My Hero Academia
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: This is the story of hero in training Katsuki Bakugou being transported into the world of Melromarc and is the new cardinal shield hero in their darkest time of need. Bakugou will go on many new adventures in this fantasy world to become their world's greatest hero whether they want him to or not.
  • Comments: Fantastic story so far! First of all Bakugou's more Jerkass qualities makes him stand out among the heroes, yet is just as dedicated as Naofumi was, and whenever hardship comes along, he kicks it to the curb. Not to mention that so far he is undoing all of the Three Heroes' screwups and coming out looking like a great hero.

Rise of the Sword and the Shield by Lyall the Werewolf

  • Recommended by: Supreme-X15
  • Crossover with: Senran Kagura
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: She thought this was the end, that she would die in battle against Orochi. But, fate would later grant her a second chance at life as the Cardinal Sword Hero. She and the Shield Hero will rise from disgrace and face the future.
Has a page

Heart of the Shield by Shadowslayer133

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After successfully saving Kairi, Sora finds himself in a brand new world. They claim to have summoned him, saying he is the legendary shield hero. With the threat of the looming Waves of Darkness, and the judgment of people he's never even met, will he succeed in saving this world with only his shield?
  • Comments: Sora, being Sora, not only manages to sway Aultcray for the better, his action of saving Motoyasu ends up with the two join forces rather than forming a party, and allowed Ren to see how biased people are against the Shield Hero despite Sora's positive personality. meanwhile, Sora's friends are looking for him, while saving slaves along the way, including Raphtalia and Keel who mistaken Goofy for the Shield Hero.

DOOM: Waves Of Armageddon by Exorelix

  • Crossover with Doom Eternal
  • Recommended by Link On Scepter
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: We knew of the four heroes, and of the waves. We knew of our world's impending doom, and how to stop it. At least, we thought we did. We were fools. There are some powers in this world man has no control over. And for our hubris, we are now caught in the middle of a holy war between gods and devils. Now, our only hope is a warrior whose power greatly eclipses the four heroes.
  • Comments: This fic takes place during DOOM: Eternal (Before The Ancient Gods DLC). After the Khan Maykr messes with the Fortress of Doom, the Doom Slayer ends up summoned to world of Shield Hero as the Shield Hero. However, with Samuel Hayden to help and his general disinterest in things not related to Demons, the Doom Slayer doesn't get into the same string of events that plagued Naofumi. Unfortunately, the world of Shield Hero already has a Demon problem.

Not Your Kind of People by Quatermass

  • Crossover with: Harry Potter
  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A ritual by Idol Rabier gone bad sends Raphtalia back in time and across worlds. Now, nine years later, while searching for a way home, she is introduced to Harry Potter by a mutual friend. But even as their friendship grows, Raphtalia's past lingers. Summoned to Melromarc as the Shield Hero with Raphtalia by his side, can Harry trust anyone in a country that hates his guts?
  • Comments: There are a lot of changes, from Rapthalia teleported into the Wizarding World and adapted by Itami Youji & Risa Aoi, and Naofumi become Mirror Vassal Hero before Harry and Raphtalia got summoned. Thanks to Harry being more experienced in real war, and he and Raphtalia Reprimand the other three heroes for treating this situation as a game, Ren and Itsuki are more inclined to believe his side of the stories.
  • Pairings: Harry/Raphtalia, Hermione/Naofumi

Mother of the Hero by PrototypeMarc627

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Naruto
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Kushina survived the Nine-Tails attack and now been a mother to her only beloved son, loving him, nurturing him, training him, doing her best to be a mother. Now an unexpected turn of event happen that they end up in another world were Naruto is chosen as the new Shield Hero, she will do everything in her power to protect her son from those who wish to harm him
  • Comments: AU where life is better, like Naruto had a normal childhood because Hiruzen did not blabber his status as Jinchuriki. Motoyasu is way more infuriating because he thinks Naruto, who currently is 12, is capable of rape, and when his age is revealed, asked "what if he was lying about his age?". In Front of Kushina. Thanks to Kushina defending Naruto's innocence and Melonmarch being a matriarchy, the spreaded out rumors instead was Malty's the one forcing it on Naruto.

A Special Kind of Magic by B1ack0ut

  • Recommended by: Naruwitch
  • Crossover with: Doctor Strange
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Naofumi wasn't just summoned from another Earth, he was summoned during his training to be a master of the mystic arts. With a new world that holds different spells and enchantments Naofumi will study it all while defending it against the waves. But what are the waves and how did they come to be?
  • A great Marvel crossover with Shield Hero! It's hilarious and the author does a great job including elements from both shows. Naofumi is a bit overpowered compared to the other heroes due to his magic training, but that just makes it better in my opinion!

The Strongest Shield by oblivon2991

  • Recommended by: Fyekki
  • Crossover with: One-Punch Man
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After "defeating" yet another Mysterious Being while shopping for manga and skimming one of the books it carried, the S-Ranked Hero King is flung into a strange new world as the Legendary Shield Hero - throwing both his home and the world he's supposed to save into chaos in the process. What challenges will he face on the long way back to his home dimension? Will Kingís poor heart ever get a moment of rest? And how are people still mistaking him for some ultimate hero an entire universe away?!
  • Comments: Easily the funniest Shield Hero fic I've picked up. The author's grammar could use some work, but they do an excellent job contrasting King's inner feelings of inadequacy with his outward actions and other people's perception of him. Seeing King stumble his way into becoming exactly the sort of hero that the world needs is an amazing development of his original character, and thanks to the author's wit, watching how the people of Melromarc and the other Heroes come to see him as an implacable beast through complete accident on his part never gets old!

Rise of Power and Honor by EvaShinobiKaiserKnight

  • Recommended by: LegionnaireBlaze
  • Status: Dead
  • Crosover with: Masters of the Universe
  • Synopsis: The Sorceress of Castle Greyskull has seen the summoned Heroes and has found them wanting. Thus to save those world from the Wave of Catastrophe the Sorceress has summoned heroes of her own to inherit the power of the Elders and defend this world by the power and in honor of Greyskull. Now the Strongest Man in the Universe & the Princess of Power have been chosen, He-Man and She-Ra!
  • Comments: The first crossover between Masters of the Universe and Rising of the Shield Hero done by the author. Despite it being a pleasure to read, at least to me, it was rebooted into Rising of the Masters of the Universe below.

Rising of the Masters of the Universe by EvaShinobiKaiserKnight

  • Recommended by: LegionnaireBlaze
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Masters of the Universe
  • Synopsis: The Sorceress of Castle Greyskull has seen the Cardinal Heroes and seen the corrupted path they now walk. Thus to save the world from the Waves of Catastrophe she summons heroes of her own to inherit the power of the Elders and defend this world by the power and in honor of Greyskull. Now it is time to see the Masters of the Universe Rise!
  • Comments: This is the authors' second attempt at a crossover between Masters of the Universe franchise and Rising of the Shield Hero, and is a reboot of the first. It's very good so far, and I honestly believe it deserves its own page.

The four heroes in this blocky world by Robotech275

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Minecraft
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The three heroes in an unfamiliar game, and a shield with all the game meta-knowledge.
  • Comments: Intriguing work, where the world the heroes summoned to gets Medium Blending with Minecraft's blocky style.

Second Chance by KantsMoralTheory

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Rambo
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Synopsis: Sitting down, clutching the gunshot wound inflicted by Trautman, John Rambo closed his eyes and relished the opportunity of gaining some semblance of peace. However, he is resurrected, surrounded by suspicious-looking men, and holding a strange-looking bow.
  • Comments: yes, you read that right. John Rambo as the Bow hero. Will our veteran be managed to move on?

Noble Intent by In BRRRRRRT We Trust

  • Recommended by: VictorioMWolff-Haddock
  • Crossover with: Halo
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Without warning, her world went dark, but that's not where her story ends. When Catherine - B320 wakes up in a small room surrounded by others wielding legendary weapons, she quickly realizes what she's in for and now has to adapt to a different kind of hell. Will she fall just as she did on Reach? Or will she bring about a change solidifying her status as a demon?
  • Comment: This fic does something most fanfics haven't done before - adding Rapthalia to the party without giving her Slave Crest. Not to mention that not only she can use guns, but Ren & Itsuki are also on the Spartan's side thanks to the recording on her helmet.