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Recap / Seinfeld S 2 E 7 The Revenge

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George quits his job after being told to not use his boss' bathroom. He immediately regrets the decision and tries to go back to his work, pretending he never quited. His boss Rick Levitan however refuses to let him stay and insults him. George then decides to take his revenge on Rick by slipping a Mickey into his drink at a office party when he's distracted by Elaine (who George enlisted by telling her that Rick doesn't recycle).


Jerry drops his and (after some reluctance) Kramer's clothes off at a laundromat, later when he picks it up he discovers that the $1500 he had hidden in the laundry bag has disappeared. Vic (the owner of the laundromat) denies seeing the money and say that he's not responsible for valuables. Kramer, assuming that Vic stole the money, decides to pour cement mix in one of the washing machines as revenge.


This episode features examples of the following:

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: How George got Elaine to help.
    Jerry: How did you rope her into this?
    George: I told her what a sexist he is; how he cheats on his wife.
    Jerry: She knew that.
    George: But she didn't know he doesn't recycle.
  • Continuity Nod: The jacket Kramer wears while visiting the laundromat is the suede jacket from The Jacket.
  • Counting to Three: How George gets Glenda to move from her seat at the office party.
    George: I'm gonna count to three. If you don't give up the chair, the wig is coming off.
    Glenda: I don't wear a wig!
    George: ...One... (Glenda hustles out of the seat)
  • Distracted by the Sexy: How Elaine distracts Rick long enough for George to slip a mickey into his drink.
  • No Indoor Voice: Glenda
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: George's story is inspired by something Larry David did while writing for Saturday Night Live, down to trying to pull a Refuge in Audacity by just showing up to work again after quitting. This caused Jason Alexander to finally get how much the character was inspired by David and make his performance an imitation of him, when before he'd been doing much more of a Woody Allen style performance.
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  • Slipping a Mickey
  • Take This Job and Shove It: How George quits.
    George: That's it. This is it. I'm done. Through. It's over. I'm gone. Finished. Over. I will never work for you again. Look at you. You think you're an important man? Is that what you think? You are a laughingstock. You are a joke. These people are laughing at you. You're nothing! You have no brains, no ability, nothing! (knocks over an object on his desk) I quit!


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