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Recap / Ink City S2: SuperBoat

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While the trip into the woods ended disastrously, Phoenix Wright was left even more determined to find some way to escape Ink City. Since the Fourth Wall appeared to block off any chance of escape through the forest, he and Hanna turned their attention towards the ocean. Surely, the Wall couldn't stretch that far — and even if it did, there was no way of knowing until they tried, right...?

Thus, Superboat was born. As it neared completion, Hanna eagerly announced their plans to the City at large and invited anyone who cared to come along on their first voyage. Among those interested in the plan was Heloise — although Hanna told her flat-out she couldn't come. Not because of the horrors she'd inflicted on others, mind... because she'd rudely hung up on him once.


On the big day, Superboat sets off with plenty of passengers on board. Not everyone's taking the trip seriously; Ren and Deadpool are treating it more like a party boat, bringing along plenty of supplies. In fact, Ren's Jerkassish behavior is the biggest problem everyone has to face at first, as he goes around bothering and Trolling everyone in sight.

Still, having to deal with a yappy chihuahua isn't the worst problem anyone could have to cope with... and soon enough, it's the least of their worries.

Rigby's the first to notice the dark mass churning beneath the waves. Unfortunately, while he and Elias are wary of the unknown, and others who notice the strange thickness respond by prepping for the worst, Ren's reaction is to lean over and start poking it. His poking nets him a punch in the face, and he retailiates by lighting up one of his bottles and tossing it overboard as a Molotov Cocktail. This causes the creature to shriek and retreat... but not for long.


Soon, chaos erupts across the desk as the inky mass rises above the waves and starts trying to grab passengers. After it bites Phoenix, Maya and Megamind divert its attention long enough to get him to safety, with Megamind continuing the fight and managing to land a stunning blow.

...Only to hear an all-too-familiar voice coming from the creature. The voice of an old friend... one who'd spent some time in the City, only to mysteriously disappear. Convinced she's trapped inside the ink, he turns his dehydration gun on it... only to have it dodge and knock him back, before retreating underwater with a cruel chuckle.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chipotle Junior rushes to check on where he knows Heloise is hiding. Immediately after reaching her, the two catch the creature's attention, and it swats at Chipotle as he stands bravely before his best friend... only for her to shove him out of the way and get snatched up instead. Naturally, this alerts the nearby Megamind, Rigby and Ren to her presence, and none of them are particularly pleased to see her. Though Megamind briefly suggests sacrificing her to save everyone else, he follows that up by stating they should work together. Nobody seems particularly pleased at the thought, but the monster doesn't give them time to suss out the details. Just when they seem to have it on the ropes, though, its head shifts, and a familiar voice calls out "Hey, Heloise!"


Recognizing Jimmy within the creature clouds her judgment, and she rushes to embrace him — earning a CHOMP on the arm for her troubles. Megamind drives it back into the water, and she almost follows... but hangs onto the edge, forced by her rival to realize that the beast was just trying to trick her. Sadly, she acknowledges that it was merely mimicking Jimmy...

...And then Rigby shoves her over the railing.

As the monster-in-Jimmy's-form drags her into a deadly embrace, Rigby breaks down, certain everyone will hate him for what he's just done. But Chipotle was knocked out and didn't witness the act, and Ren finds it more hilarious than anything else. Megamind simply suggests that she was 'knocked overboard'.

But the beast hasn't been driven away, and grabs onto Rigby's tail. His screams for help bring the knocked-out Chipotle back around, and he immediately pulls the raccoon to safety. The monster calls out to him with Heloise's voice, but Megamind and Ren keep attacking long enough for Chip to get his head together and unleash a massive laserblast upon it, driving it away for good.

Despite this victory, Hanna decides they should turn Superboat around and return to Ink City. Too many passengers were wounded during the battle, and he doesn't want to risk anyone's lives by pressing onward. It's a sullen, thoughtful group that turns back towards the town... save for Deadpool, who thought it turned out to be a pretty epic party.

This Event includes examples of:

  • And I Must Scream: Implied by the faces seen within the ink...
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: When Zombie asks Hanna what he's going to do once they get home, Hanna replies that he won't go back right away — after all, if this works, there's so many others who need help getting home first!
    Zombie: You will never let yourself be selfish even for a minute... will you?
  • Combat Tentacles
  • Dirty Coward: Ren accuses Elias and Rigby of this when they don't want to provoke the ink monsters. The fact they both fight when the creatures start attacking in earnest doesn't change his opinion of the ferret or 'Captain Crybaby'.
  • Enemy Mine: Megamind attempts to invoke this with Heloise, but they spend so much time arguing about whether or not they should work together that the ink monster attacks.
  • Evil Laughter: The inky mass keeps laughing at them...
  • Failure Hero: Chipotle saved everyone but the one person he promised would be safe...
  • Hypocritical Humor: When Megamind reveals his lasers have a warm-up time, Phoenix complains about the inconvience. But when they actually charge up before the monsters can start attacking, Phoenix then frantically tells Megamind not to open fire right away, leaving Megamind rather confused about why he complained about the charge time in the first place.
  • Improvised Weapon
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Ren brought tequila.
  • Irony (Situational): Chipotle saves Rigby from the ink monster, blissfully unaware that he effectively murdered Hely mere moments before.
  • Little Stowaway: Heloise hides in a barrel so she doesn't get left out just because of Hanna's grudge.
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Mood Killer: Megamind's calming Heloise down, getting her to face that the monster was trying to trick her... until Rigby snaps and shoves her overboard.
  • Not So Different: Rigby confides in Megamind how he feels like a total loser. Megamind sympathizes with him and explains how, being a supervillain, he's used to losing himself.
  • Oh, Crap!: Heloise's reaction upon getting grabbed.
  • Shapeshifter Guilt Trip: The monster keeps attempting this, with varying results.
  • Sympathetic Murderer: Neither Megamind or Ren, the only two witnesses to his act, blame Rigby for taking his revenge on Hely.
  • Taking The Blow: Megamind shoves Maya out of the way of an attack, while using his disguise watch to take her form and confuse the beast. Heloise does the same thing for Chipotle, but her attempt doesn't end as well...
  • Troll: Ren is in full Jerkass mode for the entire trip.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Rigby isn't too thrilled by how happy Ren is that he shoved Heloise overboard.
  • Your Mom: Attempted by Megamind and Rigby while taunting the swirling ink. However...
    Megamind: I bet your mom made you fraunch toast this morning!
    Rigby: Yeah! With orange juice too!

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